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What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

High temperatures, extreme dryness and record-high winds have created conditions in our state where any spark at the wrong time and place can lead to a major wildfire. If severe weather threatens a portion of the electric system, it may be necessary for PG&E to turn off electricity in the interest of public safety. This is known as a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).

We are learning from past events. This year, PG&E is improving our PSPS program by making events smaller in size, shorter in length and smarter for our customers.

PSPS during the COVID-19 pandemic

We understand the importance of keeping the lights on, especially given the current stay-at-home orders. We are determined to do everything possible to address both the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of catastrophic wildfires. Our overriding goal is to ensure public safety and Public Safety Power Shutoff is an important tool for doing so.

You can take these steps today to prepare

How a PSPS works

PSPS alerts and notifications

Get power outage and restoration information

Download helpful resources