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Doing business with PG&E

Information and resources to partner with PG&E and our customers

Purchasing programs

Purchase items and properties from PG&E.


Explore solicitations for third-party energy efficiency programs. Find bid packages and solicitation schedules.

Joint-Use Map Portal (JUMP)

Sign in or register for the Joint-Use Map Portal (JUMP).

Trade Professional Alliance

If you sell, install or service products, the Trade Professional Alliance (TPA or Trade Pro) can help you expand your business.


Learn about purchasing wholesale electric energy and capacity.

Electric Procurement

Learn about programs and news for independent power producers.

Core gas supply

Learn how we buy and sell natural gas for residential and small commercial customers

Prices for Qualifying Facilities & Eligible Combined Heat & Power Facilities

Get prices for Qualifying Facilities and Combined Heat and Power facilities

Cogeneration & Small Power Production Semiannual Report

Review PG&E annual reports

Electric fuels

Discover how PG&E manages gas supply and price risk for the PG&E electric portfolio.

Integrated Resource Planning

Learn more about Electric Gas Supply

Interconnect renewable power sources

Interconnect a generating system at your home or business. Sell excess power to PG&E.

More about doing business with PG&E

Distribution Resource Planning data portal

Explore the Distributed Resource Planning (DRP) data and maps.


Get current gas and electric rate schedules. Find preliminary statements rules and forms.

Share your energy data

Give authorized third parties access to your energy usage information and other data.