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Electric rate plans for home and business

Run your personalized electric rate plan comparison.

Residential rate plans

important notice icon Note: View the current electric rates in kilowatt hours (kWh).


PG&E offers several rate plans to customers. All plans are designed to help you manage your costs.


For example, Time-of-Use rate plans are based on:

  1. How much energy you use
  2. The time of day you use it

View PG&E's residential rate plan pricing guide (PDF).


You can choose a rate plan to suit a variety of home energy needs, based on:

  • When you use electricity
  • How much electricity you use
  • Whether you can adjust your electricity use on very hot days
  • Whether you have an electric vehicle

Make an informed decision about your best rate plan by analyzing your past energy usage. Simply log into your online account to review your hourly, daily, and monthly electricity usage information.


To see pricing details for all PG&E electric and gas rates, visit the PG&E tariffs. These tariffs are approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Find out if you can save by switching to another rate plan

Your current rate plan may not be your lowest rate plan option. A different electric rate plan could save you money every month. 

Analyze your energy usage and get a personalized electric rate comparison. 

Residential electric rate guides

Electric rate plan comparison

Compare residential Tiered Rate Plan (E-1) and Time-of-Use electric rate plans.

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Residential electric rate plan pricing

For a quick comparison of pricing for Tiered Rate Plan (E-1), Time-of-Use (Peak Pricing 4-9 p.m. Every Day) (E-TOU-C), Time-of-Use (Peak Pricing 5-8 p.m. Weekdays) (E-TOU-D), Electric Home (E-ELEC), Home Charging EV2-A and Electric Vehicle Rate Plan EV-B, download our pricing comparison sheet.

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Compare residential rate plans

Residential electric base plans

Find the rate plan that works best for you, based on your budget and energy needs. Explore details below.

Time-of-Use plans

  • Pricing will vary depending on the day, week and season.
  • Best if you can control when you use energy.


Tiered Rate Plan (E-1)

  • This rate plan has multiple pricing levels, which are based on how much energy you use.
  • The more electricity you use during your monthly bill period, the higher the price and tier.

Electric vehicle (EV) base plan

  • The EV rate plan is also Time-of-Use, just without usage tiers.
  • This plan is green and energy efficient, just like your vehicle.

Add on to your base plan and save more

Find out how add-ons can enhance your base plan with extra savings.

SmartRate™ add-on

  • The SmartRate™ program helps you save on your summer electric bill.
  • Receive a discount for shifting or reducing your electricity usage up to 15 days a year.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) add-on

  • NEM is for customers with an eligible power generator like solar panels.
  • Those on an NEM rate plan can earn a credit for power exported to the grid.

Community Renewable programs

Purchase up to 100 percent of your electricity from solar energy with:

  • PG&E's Solar Choice plan
  • Regional Renewable programs

More on residential rate plans

Why did I receive a rate comparison mailer?
PG&E customers have new rate plan choices. We used last year's usage for your rate comparison. If you can make adjustments in the way you use energy in the future, you might do better on one of the other rates.


The rate comparison mailer shows my current rate as E1, but I'm on a different plan. Was I switched?
If you made a rate change within the last 60 days, it may not be reflected in the rate comparison mailer. Log into your account to see your current rate and status of pending requests. You can find the information under "Your Rate Plan."


How do I opt out of the rate comparison mailer?
Call 1-866-936-4743. A customer service representative can help you opt out of receiving the rate comparison mailer.

What is this rate comparison based on?
The rate comparison amounts reflect your last 12 months' electrical usage. They are calculated using today's prices.


I totaled up my last year's bills. Why doesn't this match the amount you show?
Electric prices change over the course of the year. The rate analysis is based on your last 12 months' usage using today's rates.


Why is my CARE discount not included?
The CARE discount is included in all of the rates compared. To see an updated rate comparison, log into your account. Select the Rate Comparison Tool to see all of your choices.

If I switch my rate, when can I switch back?
Customers may request one rate schedule change in any 12-month period.


I couldn't change my rate online. How can I change my rate?
Call customer service at 1-866-936-4743.


My rate comparison mailer shows I can save money by switching my rate. What do I have to do?
Log into your account and make the change online or call 1-866-936-4743.

Business rate plans

Compare rate plan options under Time-Varying Pricing

These plans help support your energy management by lowering costs when demand is low and increasing costs when demand is high. Check plan details.

Time-of-Use rate plans for business

Save costs by reducing energy usage during the more expensive peak demand hours. Time-of-Use rate plans:

  • Help you save money based on when your business uses energy
  • Offer lower rates when energy demand is low and rates increase when energy demand is high
  • Charge for electricity based on the time of day and the season

Peak Day Pricing rates for business

Peak Day Pricing (PDP) is an optional rate that combines the Time-of-Use rate with surcharges on a handful of Event Days each year.

  • Receive credits for reducing energy usage during the nine to 15 Event Days between June and September, typically from 4-9 p.m.
  • Pay more during peak periods on Event Days and less during all other periods.

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How rate comparison helps businesses

"I recommend other businesses compare PG&E rate plans annually via their online account and make sure they are on the right rate structure in line with their operations."

– Mark Morisette, Facilities Director, Berkeley Repertory Theatre – Berkeley, CA

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More about rates

Peak Day Pricing

  • Optional rate
  • Offers businesses a discount on regular summer electricity rates
  • In exchange, customers pay higher prices during Peak Day Pricing event days

Baseline Allowance

Energy used within the Baseline Allowance will be billed at the lowest price.

Energy-related words

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