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PG&E solar rate plans

Going solar has never been so simple

Solar rate options

  • Solar can make sense for financial, environmental or other reasons.
  • PG&E offers two solar options.

Community Renewable programs

Try PG&E's Community Renewable programs:

  • Buy up to 100% of your electricity from solar power. 
  • No need to install solar panels.

Learn about the Community Renewable programs

Rooftop solar

  • Installing rooftop solar? Read our guide to get the facts.
  • Lower your monthly bill based on how much energy your rooftop solar system makes.

Get started with rooftop solar


Get to know your solar bill

Learn how to read your solar bill, including Net Energy Metering (NEM).

More about rates

Tiered Rate Plan

  • The Tiered Rate Plan (E-1) has two pricing levels, known as “tiers".
  • Your tier is based on how much energy you use.

What is the Baseline Allowance?

  • Energy used within the Baseline Allowance will be billed at the lowest price.
  • The price of the energy goes up if you use more energy than your Baseline Allowance in a given billing cycle.

Energy-related glossary

  • Speak fluent energy statement. 
  • Learn common energy-related terms.