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Large business

Resources to run and grow your business

Review gas and electric rate schedules

Find out more about different rate plan options rules and schedules.


Review rate schedules

Business rate plans

Building and renovation services

Online tools and resources to simplify your project.

Incentive programs for all business customers

Find energy-saving program for your business.

Visit the Energy data hub

Customers and third parties can access download or share usage data.

Report and view electric outage

  • Check your business outage status.
  • Find support and resources.
  • Sign up for outage alerts
  • Report hazards

Interconnect renewable power sources

Interconnect a generating system at your business and sell excess power to PG&E.

Demand response

If you can adjust your business's energy usage, you can save or earn money.

More for large businesses

Electric vehicles

Your EV guide for businesses.

Battery storage

Keep the power on during planned or unplanned outage. 

Energy-saving financing for businesses

Get a more energy-efficient model. PG&E offers 0% interest loans for replacing old and worn-out equipment.