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Interconnect independent power sources to PG&E's system

Generate your own power

Apply for, install and operate an Electric Generation Interconnection (EGI) project of any size. 

Interconnect larger systems

Explore tools to generate electricity for your home or business.

Biomethane interconnection

Learn how PG&E supports your biomethane interconnection projects.

Sell and distribute power

Find out how to sell power to PG&E or on the open market.

Non-export interconnection

If your planned generator site is in an area served by a secondary network, you cannot export power to the grid. A non-export option may be available.

Exporting power

Discover resources for generating and selling unused power.

Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Install and interconnect a renewable generator. Receive credits to offset the costs of your energy usage.

Contractor resources

Get guidance for the standard Net Energy Metering (NEM) interconnection process.

Interconnection and renewables

Discover resources for simple solar and wind interconnection projects. We help you apply for, install and operate your energy system.

Electric service handbooks

Get technical requirements for PG&E interconnection. Review the transmission handbook and the distribution handbook.

More resources for interconnection

Wholesale electric power procurement

PG&E purchases wholesale electric energy and capacity from generators and suppliers.

Register as a supplier

Register your supplier profile and learn how to become a certified supplier. PG&E buyers can contact you with bid or contract opportunities. 

Move, sell and store gas

Find out more about gas transmission and storage in California.