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PG&E systems

The infrastructure that keeps California supplied with safe, clean energy

Natural gas systems

From the ground to you, learn how we deliver natural gas.

Electric systems

We deliver energy through electric transmission and distribution systems to our customers.

Hydroelectric system

The history of this hydroelectric network dates to the California Gold Rush. 

Hydrogen to Infinity

We believe hydrogen will play a critical role in California’s decarbonized future.

Research and development

Learn about PG&E research and development shaping tomorrow's energy system.

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

The Diablo Canyon Power Plant is a major source of clean energy for PG&E.

More PG&E systems resources

Transmission projects

Learn how PG&E is reinforcing the electric transmission system throughout the area we serve.


Read more about pipeline inspection, replacement, and safety initiatives

Gas Tools

Learn about our commitment to safety of the communities we serve. We work every day to enhance gas pipeline safety.