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Energy usage & tips​

Access and share energy usage data for your home or business

Understand your energy usage

Learn how to read your energy usage data. Use that data to operate your home or business more efficiently.

Energy-saving tools and tips for homes

Reduce your energy usage and lower your bill. Learn about home energy checkups and energy alerts.

Savings tips for businesses

Learn how to reduce your business' energy usage and lower monthly bills.

Energy data hub

Access and share energy usage data for your home, business or the properties you manage.

Tools to manage energy usage

Benchmark your building

Benchmarking helps you figure out how to lower your building's environmental footprint. It also helps lower your monthly energy costs.

Energy alerts

Don't break your budget. Set the maximum amount you want to spend on energy. If you're using more energy than expected, PG&E will send an energy alert by:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone

Find rebates and incentives

Explore rebates and incentive programs for your home or business.