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Energy-saving programs and tools for businesses

Reduce costs while improving energy efficiency

Discover new ways to reduce electric and gas costs with PG&E's helpful tips, programs and easy-to-use tools. These resources are designed to strengthen your business' energy resiliency for years to come.

Energy Efficiency Financing

Upgrade to energy-efficient equipment with 0% interest financing. No out-of-pocket costs. Savings from energy efficiency can pay your monthly loan installments.


Find rebates on energy-efficient equipment.

Incentive programs for all business customers

Find energy-saving program for your business.

Economic development rate

Get 12%, 18%, or 25% discounts on most of your business' electric costs for five years.

Online account

Find the information you need to pay bills, get financial support, compare rate options and track your energy usage.

Demand Response programs

Consider these energy management incentive programs to make a positive impact on your bottom-line while reducing your business' carbon footprint.

Project starter checklist

Kick off your project with this six-step planning guide to realize maximum money and energy savings.

Trade Pro Contractors

Search PG&E's Trade Professional Alliance to find a qualified contractor to handle your energy efficiency project.

EV Charge program

Find out what the EV Charge program includes and how your site can benefit.

EV Fleet program

PG&E’s EV Fleet program helps fleets easily and cost-effectively install charging infrastructure so they can save money and eliminate tailpipe emissions.

Battery storage

Maximize your solar investment and reduce your demand charge with battery storage.

Building and renovation services

Simplify your gas or electric service application process with these online tools.

25 money-saving tips

Discover future savings through these no-cost and low-cost tips, and projects that require budget and time with our eBook.

Business energy efficiency guides

Commercial Whole Building Manual

(For large businesses) Better track savings and support your business' economic goals with a meter-based energy efficiency method.

867 KB

Energy efficiency tips by equipment

Consider energy and money-saving tips for each piece of equipment in your facility.

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SMB energy efficiency reference guide

Quickly review our comprehensive list of programs and tools that can help you save time and money.

192 KB

Save on energy costs

Compare rate plans

Evaluate electric rate plans and choose the lowest cost option for your business via your online account.

Find out what impacts your bill

Make an impact on your business's energy bill with Cost and Usage Trends information. Sign in to your account and see your detailed usage and costs over time. Learn how factors like weather and operational set-up affect your bill.

Compare bills

Analyze your usage and anticipate future costs. Compare by month or by year and plan ahead. 

Learn about the factors that affect energy costs

The analysis shows how factors like weather, operating hours and the number of days in the billing period affect your charges. Below are examples of how the Cost & Usage tools can help you manage your energy usage and lower energy costs.


Compare costs

Compare your current energy costs with the past month, same month last year or any past statement you’d like.

cost comparison example screenshot

Review your costs now


Cost and usage trends

Get the big picture. Compare how your energy costs and usage change over time. See the impact of your rate plan combined with other factors, such as daylight savings, maximum demand, the temperature and more.

cost and usage trends example screenshot

Review your cost and usage trends


Weather impact

Shifts in weather equate to shifts in energy usage and costs. Check out how much of your use is driven by weather.

weather impact example screenshot

Check out weather impact


Operating schedule

Compare your operating hours with energy use. Adjusting your schedule outside of normal operating hours could make your business more efficient—and that efficiency could translate into savings.

operating schedule example screenshot

Set your operating hours

Why take the energy checkup?

Tell us more about your business and start saving energy.

Track your energy use

Track your energy use over the past year, month or week, and watch how your energy costs change when the temperature changes.

Get energy-saving ideas

Answer a few quick questions and you’ll find great ideas to help you save energy, get rebates and take advantage of PG&E business solutions.

Create an Energy Savings Plan

Choose which of the suggested ideas interest you, and let the Business Energy Checkup create your customized Energy Savings Plan.

Find out what could be wasting energy in your facility

As a business owner, wasting money is not an option. The Business Energy Savings Tool helps you monitor your energy use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and identify energy waste in your facility. Make a big difference in your bottom line. Complete the following steps and start saving today:

Step 1: Sign in

Sign in to your online account


If you don’t have an online account, register for a new account.

Step 2: Create your profile

Answer a few easy questions to set up your profile.

Step 3: Start saving

Get recommendations and start saving energy and money.

Don't have an online account?

Learn about the benefits of an online account. Find tools that will help you save energy and money.

Lower your gas costs and improve operations at your business

From quick-and-easy changes to big energy-saving projects, cutting back on gas consumption benefits everyone.

Make an immediate difference in your energy costs with these easy changes:

  • Turn off equipment when not in use.
  • Verify that the timed settings on your heating and air conditioning system match when your building is in use.
  • Lower the thermostat on your furnace by one degree and save up to 3% in energy usage.
  • Close curtains, shades and blinds at night, on weekends, and all times when your building is unoccupied.

Use this checklist when planning for upgrades:

  • Add weather stripping, caulking or foam insulation around windows and doors to help reduce drafts.
  • Caulk ducts, plumbing openings, recessed lighting fixtures and other spaces that leak air into walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Upgrade to products with the ENERGY STAR® label.
  • Ensure that the furnace damper works correctly to avoid heating cold, outside air.

Start budgeting for energy-saving upgrades:

  • Hire a contractor to check your central heating and cooling ducts for leaks. Sealing and insulating air ducts can help improve system efficiency by up to 20%.
  • Replace windows with high-efficiency ENERGY STAR windows. Replacing windows can help reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 15%.
  • Fix or upgrade defective plumbing, air ducts and pipes.

Find local contractors

Find local contractors and trade professionals who participate in the PG&E Energy-Efficiency Rebates for Your Business program. 

Insulation, Water Heating and Laundry Equipment Rebates

Download PG&E’s business rebate catalog for insulation, water heating and laundry equipment.

California Foodservice Instant Rebates Program

Receive rebates directly in your invoice when upgrading to energy-efficient food service equipment with the California Foodservice Instant Rebates program.

Upgrade equipment cost effectively with 0% interest financing from PG&E

Get financing up to $4,000,000 when you upgrade to new, energy-efficient equipment for your business through our Energy Efficiency Financing Program.

Business Center

Find ways to help your business save energy, be resilient and stay safe.

More ways to manage energy usage

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