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Solar ​

Clean energy and battery storage for your home

How to go solar

Let PG&E help you install and manage your solar energy system.

Go renewable

Why? You can reduce your monthly bill and your carbon footprint. PG&E offers a range of incentives to help you adopt clean energy systems.

Green Saver program

PG&E's Green Saver programs help some income-qualified residential customers in select communities save 20% on their electricity bill by subscribing to 100% solar energy.

Get to know your solar bill

Learn how to read your solar bill. Discover PG&E's solar resources that help you understand how weather impacts your solar credits and charges.

Generate, store and save energy

Solar water heating

Solar water heating reduces the amount of energy needed to heat your water.

Battery storage for your home

Manage energy costs. Keep the power on during outages. Harness the full benefit of your solar energy investment.