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Green Saver program

Go solar and save on electricity

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PG&E's Green Saver programs help some income-qualified residential customers in select communities save 20% on their electricity bill by subscribing to 100% solar energy.


Program benefits


  • Increases access to solar, including for renters and homes unsuitable for solar rooftop installation. Simply determine your eligibility for the program by reviewing the criteria below. You may also be interested in the SOMAH or DAC-SASH rooftop solar programs.
  • Provides eligible residential customers a 20% discount on electricity bills on top of any applicable CARE or FERA discounts.
  • Supports the growth of new solar projects throughout PG&E's service territory.
  • Meets the strict environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions and is Green-e Energy certified.


Green-e Energy Certified



Customer eligibility


Subscribers must be residential customers who purchase electricity from PG&E and:

  • Live in a disadvantaged community as defined by CalEnviroScreen 3.0 and/or 4.0, or live within a tribal community.
  • Are eligible for CARE or FERA.
  • Do not receive electricity service from a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) or a Direct Access provider.
    important notice icon Note: If you take service from a CCA, check with your service provider to determine if they offer a similar program.
  • Do not take PG&E electric service on Transitional Bundled Service (TBS), Schedule S, any net energy metering (NEM) schedules, non-metered service, multi-family or master-meter rate schedules, or the Solar Choice or Regional Renewable Choice programs.
  • To find out your rate schedule, see your PG&E energy statement or sign in to your account.


Local Green Saver


The Local Green Saver program has projects coming online over the next few years that you might be eligible for. These projects are designed to provide energy to customers near or within the same communities they are located.


Green Saver


  • The Green Saver program offers similar benefits to Local Green Saver. The primary difference is that Green Saver allows customers to enroll from outside of the community where the solar project is located.
  • This program is currently at capacity and is not accepting new applicants at this time. This is subject to change if space allows in the future.
  • For a complete list of the resources included in the Green Saver program, and the conditions of enrollment, view the Prospective Product Content Label (PDF), Historical Product Content Label (PDF), and Price, Terms & Conditions (PDF).

Frequently asked questions

The state has defined disadvantaged communities as those areas throughout California which suffer most from a combination of economic, health and environmental burdens. These burdens include poverty, high unemployment, air and water pollution, presence of hazardous wastes, plus a high incidence of asthma and heart disease. For purposes of this program, disadvantaged communities are those census tracts identified by CalEnviroScreen 3.0 and/or 4.0 as among the top 25% most burdened census tracts statewide. Also eligible are census tracts in the highest five percent of CalEnviroScreen's Pollution Burden that do not have an overall CalEnviroScreen scores because of unreliable socioeconomic or health data. Find out more about disadvantaged communities.

Yes. The CPUC has allocated 66.52 MW of solar capacity to PG&E's Green Saver and Local Green Saver programs. While the general Green Saver program is currently at full capacity, the local variation of this program is still accepting program applications. When subscriptions levels reach capacity, enrollment in the programs will stop and new applicants will be added to a waitlist instead. Once space becomes available, eligible waitlisted customers may then be enrolled into the program.

PG&E regularly monitors the eligibility status of customers in these programs. If a customer becomes ineligible for any reason (other than a change in the DAC status of their census tract under CalEnviroScreen) they will be removed from the program and informed of the change. Customer eligibility is also validated during the application process and before a customer is transitioned from a waitlisted to an enrolled status.

important notice icon Note: Customers in tribal communities are also eligible for participation in these programs, whether their census tract is listed as a DAC by CalEnviroScreen or not.

When you enroll in the Green Saver program, you remain on your existing electric rate schedule and will receive a 20% discount on the electric portion of your bill. The 20% discount is applied on top of the applicable CARE or FERA program discount, if you are also enrolled in one of those assistance programs.

During the Green Saver enrollment process, if you are not already enrolled in CARE or FERA, we will provide you the opportunity to demonstrate eligibility for these programs. If we determine that you are eligible, you will be given the opportunity to request enrollment in the appropriate assistance program, in addition to your Green Saver enrollment. Customers who fail a post-enrollment verification for the CARE or FERA program will be removed from the Green Saver program.

For many customers, rooftop solar can be a good option. For example, if you reside in a disadvantaged community and own your home, the DAC-SASH program offered by Grid Alternatives may be a good option. If you live in multifamily affordable housing, the Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program may be for you. However, if you are a renter, unable to install solar, or otherwise unable to participate in these other programs, the Green Saver's community solar program may be appropriate.

Green Saver's community solar resources allow you to access solar power from projects built in disadvantaged communities throughout PG&E's service territory. The program provides a great way to participate in solar projects without installing panels on your home.

PG&E requires no contract or long-term commitment to enroll in the Green Saver program, nor termination fee to leave the program. Enrolled customers may leave the program at any time, but will not be eligible to re-enroll for one year from the date of unenrollment.

If you remain eligible for the program, and begin service at your new location within 90 days of your final billing date at your original location, you may retain participation on the Green Saver program at your new location. To remain eligible for the program, however, your new location must also be in a qualifying disadvantaged and/or tribal community.

Yes, enrolled customers may remain in the program for up to 20 years from the date of enrollment, as long as they continue to meet eligibility criteria. Eligible customers may remain enrolled even after the enrollment window has closed.

No, the Green Saver program is only available to qualifying PG&E residential customers.

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