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Rate plans

Find the best rate plan for your home or business

Find your best rate plan

Are you on the best rate plan for your household or business?

Time-of-Use rate plans

Shift electricity use to lower-priced times of day.

Tiered rate plan

Understand how the Tiered rate plan works.

Electric Vehicle (EV) rate plans

PG&E offers two electric vehicle rate plans for business customers with on-site EV charging.

SmartRate™ rate plans

Learn how to pay less by lowering your electricity usage up to 15 days a year.

Electric Home rate plan

Find out if a rate plan for an electric-powered home is right for you.

Solar rate plans

PG&E offers two options to going solar.

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Peak Day Pricing

An optional rate that offers businesses a discount on regular summer electricity rates in exchange for higher prices during Peak Day Pricing event days.

Common questions

Get answers to common questions about your PG&E bill and energy costs.

Baseline Allowance

Energy used within the Baseline Allowance will be billed at the lowest price. If you pass your allowance in a given billing cycle, the price will go up.