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Energy alerts

Set alerts to manage energy usage and avoid high bills

Sign up for and manage Bill Forecast or SmartDay™ alerts.

Control costs with energy alerts

Choose from two alerts. If your energy use triggers an alert, you'll have time to make changes to your energy use before you receive your next bill.

Bill Forecast Alert

An alert is sent when the amount due on your monthly bill is projected to go over an amount you specify.


Note: Net Energy Metering and Direct Access customers are not eligible to enroll at this time.

SmartDay™ alerts

On the SmartRate plan, you pay a reduced rate in exchange for using less electricity on as many as 15 days a year. 

Understand energy alerts

Find answers to common questions about energy alerts.

No. You are not required to sign up for alerts.

PG&E sends important alerts such as field appointment and billing payment reminders, as well as outage alerts.

To sign up for alerts, sign into your online account. Go to Profiles and Alerts. 


 Note: PG&E may send you emergency and safety alerts, and other important information. You cannot opt out of these alerts.

No. PG&E does not charge for the alert service. However, your wireless carrier, Internet provider and phone service fees may apply. Check with these companies for the terms of your plans.

  • Your personal information is not sold to a third party.
  • PG&E sometimes uses a third-party vendor to send alerts.
  • Your information is only used for this purpose.
  • We strongly believe in protecting your information and always maintain control over who has access to it.

For more information, refer to our privacy policy. Visit Customer Policies and Guidelines.

You can stop alerts in several ways. The easiest way is to sign into your online account and go to Profile and Alerts. From there, you can opt out of most alerts. 
 Note: PG&E may send you emergency and safety alerts, and other important information. You cannot opt out of these alerts.

Update your contact information

Keep your information current so you don't miss your alerts. Stay up to date with information that could impact your home or business.

More about alerts

Alerts FAQ

Get answers to common questions about alerts. PG&E may update the alerts FAQ at any time.

Save energy and money year round

Find out what you can do to save energy before your next bill if you receive an alert.

More questions?

Get more information about alerts from the PG&E Help Center.