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PG&E resources

We understand the importance of keeping the lights on, especially given the current stay-at-home orders. We are determined to do everything possible to address both the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of wildfires. Our goal is to keep you safe and Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events are an important tool in doing so.

All PG&E Community Resource Centers and cooling centers follow state and county guidelines to mitigate COVID-19, including the enforcement of face coverings, temperature checks, social distancing and other precautions.

We have the following resources available to support you throughout a PSPS.

Community Resource Centers

Community Resource Centers

In areas affected by a shutoff, PG&E opens daytime Community Resource Centers. Each center offers an ADA-accessible restroom and hand-washing station, basic medical equipment charging, device charging, Wi-Fi and other amenities.

Medical Baseline program

Medical Baseline program

Do you rely on electrical power for medical needs? Find out if you qualify for the Medical Baseline program, how to sign up and the benefits of the program.

Access and functional needs

Access and functional needs

Find community resources and support through independent living centers for customers who rely on power for medical and living needs.

Find support programs and independent living centers for customers with access and functional needs.

Learn more about Disability Disaster Access & Resources

Find information for county-specific independent living centers
Generators and backup power

Generators and backup power

Find out if a generator or other form of backup power is right for you, discover backup power options and learn about financing options.

Third-party resources

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Minimizing PSPS Events

Find out what we’re doing to minimize the impact of a PSPS.

Prepare for a PSPS

Find out how to prepare for an upcoming PSPS and safety tips to follow if your power is shut off.

PSPS updates and alerts

Find the status of a current PSPS event, sign up for PSPS alerts and learn how and when you’ll be notified by us in the event of a PSPS.