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Prevention, preparedness and support

With the increased wildfire threat our state faces, PG&E is enhancing and expanding our efforts to reduce wildfire risks and keep our customers and communities safe.

Take these steps today

PG&E Safety Action Center

VerifyLooking for tips on how to prepare for emergencies and outages? Visit our Safety Action Center at safetyactioncenter.pge.com for resources, including how to build an emergency kit and plan.

PG&E Weather and PSPS 7-Day Forecast Website

WildfireVisit pge.com/weather to look at the weather conditions we’re monitoring and see the data we collect through our weather stations and high-definition cameras.

Disability Disaster Access Program

General emergencyIf you or someone you know has a disability or additional special needs, the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers may be able to help you get backup power, lodging and more for use during PSPS events and emergencies. Visit disabilitydisasteraccess.org for more information.

Enhanced Vegetation Management

PG&E's Enhanced Vegetation Management (EVM) program addresses vegetation that poses a higher potential for wildfire risk in high fire-threat areas. PG&E’s goal is to complete 1,800 EVM miles by the end of 2021, out of approximately 2,400 miles of total 2021 EVM scope of work. The 2021 goal is a subset of the total scope of work to account for projected operational constraints, including access issues, environmental considerations and permitting requirements. Our 2021 EVM scope of work addresses the top 1-3% of the risk.

Learn more about our Enhanced Vegetation Management program