Wildfire safety

Because wildfires are a huge risk in Northern and Central California, we work closely with CAL FIRE and other state and local agencies to educate customers about fire safety.


According to CAL FIRE, nearly 90 percent of all wildfires in California are caused by people, often when they are engaged in routine activities. Tasks like mowing the lawn, using a weed eater or using a chain saw can spark a wildfire. Similarly, worn brakes, exposed wheel rims and dragging tow chains can also cause sparks and ignite a fire while driving.


We encourage the 15 million Californians we serve to practice safe outdoor equipment use, and to properly use and maintain all vehicles. We also encourage customers to practice campfire safety and learn how to safely burn debris.

The following tips can help you prevent wildfires:

Equipment use

  • Use lawn mowers before 10 a.m. and never operate a mower when it's windy or excessively dry
  • Use spark arrestors for all portable gas-powered equipment including tractors, chainsaws, weed eaters and mowers. Spark arrestors are required for gas operated equipment in wildland areas
  • Make sure you have enough clearance from flammable materials while grinding or welding. In wildland areas, grinding and welding operations require a permit and 10 feet of clearance

Vehicle use

  • Practice safe towing and make sure towing chains are not throwing sparks while driving
  • Make sure vehicles are properly maintained with nothing dragging on the ground
  • Properly maintain tires, tire pressure and brakes

Burning debris

  • Landscape debris piles must be in small 4 feet by 4 feet piles
  • Clear all flammable material and vegetation from within 10 feet of the outer edge of the pile
  • Keep a water supply and shovel close to the burning site

Campfire safety

  • Obtain proper permits
  • Select a level location away from heavy fuels
  • Keep a bucket of water and shovel nearby at all times
  • Completely extinguish any open campfires


In addition to wildfire prevention, creating and maintaining defensible space can help slow or stop a wildfire. It also helps firefighters defend property. We continually monitor fuel conditions to prepare for this risk, and we work closely with public safety organizations to assist in fire response activities.

Wildfire Safety

Community Wildfire Safety Program

PG&E has precautionary measures in place to help reduce the risk of wildfires. Our goal is to help customers prepare for and stay safe during extreme weather events, including sending notifications when and where possible when power may be turned off for safety.

General Notification Mobile

Keep contact information up to date

For public safety, it may be necessary for us to temporarily turn off electricity in high fire-threat areas when extreme fire conditions occur. We will attempt to contact customers in advance to ensure there’s enough time to prepare.