Learn about our vegetation and safety work in high fire-threat areas

In response to the growing risk of wildfire in our state, we are expanding and accelerating our vegetation and safety work. Our focus will be in areas designated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as facing the greatest wildfire threat.

Increasing our efforts for safety

Enhanced vegetation and fire-safety standard efforts are critical to reducing the risk of trees and brush coming into contact with lines.

To maximize the safety of our customers, their neighborhoods and the surrounding community, we will:

Vegetation Management safety plans

A. Enhance our routine vegetation management work to meet new state vegetation and fire-safety standards. The new standards require a clearance of 4 feet around power lines in high fire-threat areas with recommended minimum clearances of 12 feet or more at time of trim to ensure compliance year-round.

B. Respond to the dramatically increasing wildfire threat our state faces by addressing overhanging tree branches or limbs that have the potential to come into contact with power lines.

C. As an added layer of protection, continue to partner with customers to create fire defense zones around power lines in the highest fire-threat areas. We are looking at the area 15 feet from the pole line to reduce vegetation that could act as fuel in the event of a wildfire.

We plan to minimize the risk posed by vegetation across over 7,100 miles of power lines across our service area, and in areas that face the gravest and most immediate wildfire risk.

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