Before, during and after a Public Safety Power Shutoff

PG&E's Wildfire Safety Operations Center monitors conditions across our system 24 hours a day. If extreme fire danger conditions are predicted, we may temporarily turn off electric power lines as a last resort in the interest of public safety.

This program was developed as an additional precautionary measure intended to reduce the risk of future ignitions following the 2017 wildfires.

We anticipate that a Public Safety Power Shutoff could occur one to two times a year in our service area. Note that your power may be shut off if you receive power from an electric line that runs through the extreme fire-risk area. Power along the entire line must be shut off completely for safety.

Community Wildfire Safety

This PG&E program has established precautionary measures to help reduce the risk of wildfires. Our goal is to help customers prepare for and stay safe during extreme weather events, including sending notifications when and where possible when power may be turned off for safety.

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