Learn about the statements you’ll receive

Monthly Statement

You will receive your Energy Statement from PG&E every month, reflecting your amount due. The amount includes the monthly minimum delivery charges. The statement also tells you how you are tracking towards your True-Up in your "Solar True-Up Tracking," box and has a snapshot of your current and year-to-date charges and credits.

NEM2 sample statement (monthly) (PDF, 1.6 MB).

Annual True-Up Statement

After 12 months, your monthly net energy charges and credits are reconciled in an annual True-Up statement. Any remaining charges must be paid and any excess surpluses are typically reset to zero.

True-Up sample statement (yearly) (PDF, 1.6 MB)

PLEASE NOTE: If you were a solar customer before December 16, 2016, meaning you received permission to turn on your solar energy generating system before that date, please download these statements to understand your bill:

NEM1 sample statement-monthly (PDF, 950 KB)
True-Up sample statement-yearly (PDF, 1.6 KB)

If you still have questions related to your solar billing, call 1-877-743-4112.

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