Learn about the statements you’ll receive

Monthly Statement: You will receive your Energy Statement from PG&E every month, reflecting your amount due. The amount includes the monthly minimum delivery charges. The statement also tells you how you are tracking towards your True-Up in your "Solar True-Up Tracking," box and has a snapshot of your current and year-to-date charges and credits.

Download a sample monthly NEM2 statement (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Annual True-Up Statement: After 12 months, your monthly net energy charges and credits are reconciled in an annual True-Up statement. Any remaining charges must be paid and any excess surpluses are typically reset to zero.

Download a sample yearly True-Up statement (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Solar Paired with Battery Storage Bill Explainer

Customers currently receive two separate monthly bills. The Energy Statement shows what customers pay monthly and the Detail of Bill are cumulative charges paid on your True Up month. Get an overview of how to read these bills (PDF, 522 KB).

If you still have questions related to your solar billing, call 1-877-743-4112.

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