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  • Learn why this month's charges were higher or lower than your previous bills.

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  • View your energy usage and cost data by: 
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  • Compare your usage with weather and temperature. See how seasonal variations impact your usage patterns.
  • During SmartRate SmartDays or Peak Day Pricing Event Days, check your:
    • Event hour usage
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    • Partial-peak usage
    • Off-peak usage

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  • Learn ways to save on electric usage and costs
  • Download 15-minute electric interval usage and daily gas usage


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important notice icon Note: Cost and usage data will not appear in your online account if you buy electricity or gas from a third party, such as a Community Choice Aggregator.


Download my data

Do you want to analyze your electric usage on your own computer?

  1. Select “Download Usage” on your account dashboard.
  2. Select the electric services for which you want data.
  3. Pick the download frequency.
  4. Have alerts emailed to you when files are ready to download.


Stream my data


Detail of bill

  • Are you a solar, wind or other customer on Net Energy Metering?
  • You have a statement available called Detail of Bill. It shows:
    • How much electricity was used from the PG&E network
    • How much electrcity the customer sent to the PG&E network by time-of-use and date


These monthly statements are available in your account:

  1. From your account, select Accounts & Services.
  2. Select the Net Energy Metering Service ID number from the “Services Linked to My Profile” list.
  3. Select the appropriate Detail of Bill statement from the dropdown on the View Service Details page.

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  • The last four digits of your Social Security number (residential)
  • The last four digits of your tax ID number (business)

More on your bill

Rate plan options

Electric rates can vary depending on:

  • Your climate
  • Your energy usage
  • Other factors 

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Prevent the surprise of a high bill. Receive alerts when you're on pace to exceed your energy budget.

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