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California Climate Credit

A credit for residential, eligible small business and industrial customers

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created and implements the Climate Credit program. PG&E delivers the credit on behalf of the State of California.


Residential customers:

Visit the CPUC's Climate Credit page or FAQ page to learn more.

Small business customers:

Visit the CPUC's Small Business Climate Credit page to learn more.

Industrial customers:

Visit the CPUC's California Industry Assistance page to learn more.



important notice icon Note: 

  1. Customers must have an active account during distribution months to receive a credit.
  2. Some customers, such as those with auto-pay, may see an outstanding balance in the amount of the credit in their online account. No action is required. The issue will be resolved in the next billing period.

Find the credit information on your energy statement

The California Climate Credit amount is:

  1. Listed below "Your Account Summary"
  2. Briefly described under "Important Messages"


important notice icon Note: If you're a CARE customer, your credit amount is listed on page 4 of your statement.


california climate energy statement page 1 sample

3. A second message regarding the California Climate Credit can be found under "Additional Messages".


california climate energy statement page 3 sample

4. Are you a CARE customer? Does your bill includes a High Usage Surcharge? Locate your California Climate Credit amount under "Adjustments" on page 4 of your statement.


california climate energy statement page 4 sample

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