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Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help

Get help with a past-due energy bill

Visit the Dollar Energy Fund to apply for REACH.


The Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help (REACH) program is administered by the Dollar Energy Fund. The program applies payments directly to the past-due utility bills of eligible households. In 2024, PG&E contributed $55 million to support Dollar Energy Fund and expand the REACH program. More customers are now eligible for payment assistance.


REACH currently offers two types of relief. You may qualify for one of these programs depending on your household income.

Income should be before taxes and based on current income sources. To find out if your gross (before tax) income qualifies you to receive assistance from REACH:

important notice icon Note:  Income levels are valid through May 31, 2025.

  • All applicants must provide verification of income.
  • PG&E account must be residential, single home or apartment. No “cooking only,” commercial, industrial or apartments with shared utility service.
  • Accounts that are in Section 8 or government-subsidized housing may be eligible.
  • Dollar Energy Fund energy credit support cannot be used to cover security deposits or reconnection fees, closed accounts or transferred balances.   


Two ways to apply for REACH

  1. Apply online.
  2. Need help with your application? Contact an agency in your county.


important notice icon Note: This is not an all-inclusive list of eligibility guidelines. It is subject to change from time to time. All guidelines are established by the REACH program. Energy credit support is subject to funding availability.

Shutoff for nonpayment is a last resort

Here's how PG&E works with its customers to avoid the disconnection of service.

important notice Note: Customers are encouraged to enroll in assistance programs at any point in the process.

Apply for Vulnerable Customer Status

Does a service shutoff risk your life or health?

Arrange more time to pay

Having trouble paying your bill on time or in full? Set up a payment arrangement to extend your due date.


Donate to REACH and help low-income families in crisis


Supports California's low-income families in crisis. Donate to REACH as a one-time contribution or set up monthly donations:

  • To make a one-time tax-deductible donation online, visit Dollar Energy Fund.
  • To make monthly donations, use the form below.


If you need help completing this form, please call 1-877-660-6789.


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