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Where to find information about a PSPS outage

When a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event is announced, our PSPS updates page is refreshed regularly to keep you informed. On that page, find estimated power shutoff and restoration times specific to your address and maps showing the affected areas. Also find a list of Community Resource Centers offering support such as free bagged ice, Wi-Fi and device charging during a PSPS.

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To report or view current outages, visit our outages map.

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We also update our social media with current information.

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Phone, text and email alerts

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You're enrolled

If you are a PG&E account holder, you do not need to sign up for a "PSPS outage alert." If we expect your address to be impacted by a PSPS outage, we will send you automated call, text and email alerts starting 2 days before the shutoff (if possible) and each day until power is restored.

Open account

Verify your information

We use your account contact information to reach you. To verify or update your email address, home phone number or mobile phone number, sign in to your PG&E account and visit Profile and Alerts.


Business alerts

If you are a small, medium or large business customer, we will contact all phone numbers and email addresses on file. If there are multiple employees who need to be aware of a possible outage, you can add their contact information to the account.

General Restriction

Opt-out preferences

If you are a PG&E account holder, you cannot opt out of advance notifications. You can opt out of updates after the power has been turned off. This opt-out preference will be in effect for the specific PSPS event and will not carry over to future outages.

General Notification

Non-English support

Support for customers who prefer a language other than English is also available.

outage alertPSPS outage alerts go to the account holder for the affected address. If you are not the account holder for an address, you can still be notified when a PSPS outage has been announced in your area.

folded mapWith PSPS ZIP Code Alerts, you can ask to be notified when a specific ZIP Code is part of a PSPS outage. The ZIP Code could be for your home, your workplace or the home of a friend or relative.

  • To sign up for phone call alerts, call 1-877-900-0743.
  • To sign up for text alerts, text: “ENROLL” to 97633.

PSPS ZIP Code Alerts are sent only before power has been turned off. Once power is off, you can find estimated restoration times by visiting the PSPS updates page.

zip code pinFor address-specific PSPS updates to see if your home or business will be affected, use our address-lookup tool.

For more information, visit our PSPS ZIP Code Alert page.

Notification process

We know PSPS events are disruptive and you need information as early as possible to be prepared. We will send alerts by email, phone call or text as early as possible, including the estimated power shut off and power restoration times, so you can be ready for a PSPS.

Weather forecasts can change, shifting the shutoff timing or the number of affected customers. Because of this, in some cases we may not send the first notification until the same day your power is shut off.

Customers receive alerts through email, phone call or text throughout a PSPS event:

watchPSPS Watch notifications are sent both two days before and one day before power is shut off, when possible, with estimated power shutoff and restoration times.

warningA PSPS Warning notification is sent when it has been officially decided to shut off power. This notification is typically sent several hours before power is shut off.

updatesPSPS Update notifications are sent while power is shut off with any revised estimated restoration times.

restoredPSPS Power Restored notification is sent when power is restored to your home or business.

Medical Baseline customers

If you are a Medical Baseline customer, you may receive additional phone calls or an at-home visit to ensure your awareness and safety, and we ask that you confirm you have received our notifications.

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