Where to find information about a Public Safety Power Shutoff

When a Public Safety Power Shutoff is announced, we refresh our website regularly to keep you informed. You’ll find estimated power shutoff and restoration times and affected areas. For the latest information about a Public Safety Power Shutoff in your area, visit the updates page.

Outage notifications


We know Public Safety Power Shutoff outages are disruptive and you need information as early as possible. To help you plan and prepare for a Public Safety Power Shutoff, we will send alerts by email, phone call or text as early as possible both day and night, as needed. This is a requirement from the California Public Utilities Commission. Notifications include the estimated power shutoff and power restoration times, so customers can be ready for a Public Safety Power Shutoff.


Weather forecasts can change, shifting the shutoff timing or the number of affected customers. Because of this, in some cases we may not send the first notification until the same day your power is shut off.


Our timing goals during a Public Safety Power Shutoff for notifications:

  • 48-24 hours before power is turned off
  • 4-1 hours before power is turned off
  • When power is turned off
  • After weather has passed
  • If the estimated time of restoration changes
  • Once power has been restored

PG&E outage information

PG&E account notifications

If you are a PG&E account holder, you do not need to sign up for a Public Safety Power Shutoff alert. If we expect your address to be impacted by a shutoff, we will send you automated call, text and email alerts both day and night, as needed. The alerts will start two days before the shutoff (if possible) and will be sent each day until power is restored.


Business notifications

If you are a small, medium or large business customer, we will contact all phone numbers and email addresses on file both day and night, as needed. If multiple employees need to be aware of a possible outage, you can add their contact information to your account.


Address Alerts

As an account holder, you’ll automatically receive notifications about potential outages that may affect your service address. Address Alerts can notify you about a potential Public Safety Power Shutoff at any other address that’s important to you or a loved one. These notifications are available in multiple languages by call and text. Even if you do not have a PG&E account, you can sign up for Address Alerts.

SIGN UP for Address Alerts

Medical Baseline Program

As a Medical Baseline customer, you’ll receive notifications by call, text and email before a Public Safety Power Shutoff. You must confirm receipt of these notifications. If you do not respond, we will make additional notification attempts hourly, or contact you in person, until we reach you.


Vulnerable Customer Program

If you are not eligible for the Medical Baseline Program, you can self-certify for Vulnerable Customer Status if you or a household member have a serious illness or condition that could become life threatening if electric service is turned off due to an emergency. You may receive additional shutoff notifications including doorbell rings, if notifications are not acknowledged, to make sure you're aware of a potential public safety outage.


Translated support

We provide information via phone, email and text about when power will be turned off and back on. Non-English support includes emergency information in 15 languages. We are also partnering with community-based organizations to conduct multilingual outreach.


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