Apply for Vulnerable Customer status

We help address the needs of our customers whose life or health would be at risk should their electric or gas service be disconnected. To self-certify for Vulnerable Customer status, you must download, print and submit an application that is valid after acceptance by PG&E. Get a copy of the application. Download Vulnerable Customer Application (PDF, 173 KB).

Continue reading to get more information on program requirements and to learn about other financial assistance programs, services and payment options.


Learn about Vulnerable Customer requirements

Households with one or more individuals who have self-certified that they have a serious illness or condition that could become life threatening if their electric or gas service is disconnected for nonpayment receive an in-person visit from a PG&E representative before disconnection. Our representative posts a notice within 48 hours before or at the time of disconnection for nonpayment.


Vulnerable Customer status remains on your PG&E account for 90 days. If you believe that you or your household member's illness or condition will extend beyond 90 days, you must complete the Vulnerable Customer Application to request a one-year extension.


Understand how we help customers with their energy bills

We recognize how difficult economic times can affect our customers. We’re committed to providing solutions for those who may have fallen behind on their bills, particularly our vulnerable customers. We offer many ways to help our customers with their energy bills, including:

  • Financial assistance programs to support customers in the following ways:
    • Get one-time help to pay bills
    • Budget billing over the course of a year
    • Establish a payment plan to get current on late bills
  • The California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) Program, which offers a minimum discount of 20 percent for low-income-qualified customers
  • The Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP), which provides free weatherization services for income-qualified customers

Get information on other programs

Visit the following sections to learn about other financial assistance programs, services and payment options.