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Pge.com log-in troubleshooting

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Answers to common log-in and billing issues on pge.com


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Log-in and sign-in issues


Having trouble logging in?

  • Forgot username? We can email your username.
  • Forgot password? You can reset it by entering your username to retrieve your security question.
  • Invalid password? Here are a few tips:
    • Type the password from the password reset email. Copy and paste may add extra characters.
    • Double check that your username and password are correct.
    • If you have been a PG&E customer for a long time, you may have to register again.
    • Need further assistance? Check out our Help Center for frequently asked questions. 

Gray screen? Page not loading?

  • Disable all pop-up blockers.
  • Don't browse in private mode on pge.com. Private mode can affect function.
  • Switch to mobile. Type pge.com into your mobile phone web browser. No app is required.
  • Make sure you're not using a VPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, encrypts your data. Pge.com uses technology that disrupts some VPNs. Pages may fail to load. 
  • Use a supported browser. View supported browsers
  • Clear your browser cache. A browser cache temporarily stores copies of web pages, images and other online content you access on a frequent basis.


Payment and billing issues


Having trouble making a payment?

Find easy ways to review and pay your bill. Go to pay your bill.


Don't see the "Pay Bill" button?

Don't see the "Pay Bill" button when trying to make a payment? Your account is enrolled in recurring payments. Click the "make an additional payment" link instead.


Looking for your bill?

View and download your bill. If you can’t open the PDF file, go to adobe.com and download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


I’m a solar customer. What is my True-Up statement?

After 12 months, issues a True-Up statement. Your annual True-Up adjusts your bill based on your PG&E monthly net energy charges and credits. Learn more on the Solar Bill page.


What is a CCA?

Community Choice Aggregation, or CCA, allows cities and counties to purchase and/or generate electricity for residents and businesses in the territories that they serve. Learn more on the CCA page.


How was I enrolled in a CCA without knowing?

If a CCA is available in your area, you’ll be automatically enrolled as a customer of the CCA when you sign up for electric service. If you wish to opt out of the CCA program and have PG&E buy and/or generate your electricity, you must submit your opt-out request directly to the CCA.


Where can I find tariff information?

Current gas and electric rate schedules, preliminary statements, rules and forms can be found on our Tariffs site.

Additional log-in and billing resources

Pge.com Help Center

Go to the Help Center for more log-in information.