Program participation details

SmartAC™ technology:

SmartAC™ technology will be installed free of charge by a certified technician and maintained at no cost to the customer as long as you are a participant in the SmartAC program.

SmartAC™ switch technology will be installed on or near the outside compressor component of participant’s air conditioning (AC) unit.


SmartAC™ device activation:

PG&E may remotely activate SmartAC™ device(s) in anticipation of a state or local energy emergency to help maintain adequate power supplies and avoid widespread power interruptions.

For SmartRate™ participants only: During SmartRate™ event days, your SmartAC™ device(s) will be activated pursuant to the SmartRate™ program guidelines.

SmartAC™ technology activation:

During a SmartAC™ event (or SmartDay™ event for SmartRate™ participants), your device will be remotely activated and your air conditioner will run slightly less than it normally would.


Switch technology activation:

Residential participants with SmartAC™ switch technology may experience no more than 50 percent reduction in the air conditioner’s average run time.

During a SmartAC™ event, if your thermostat calls for the air conditioner to make cool air, your AC will ignore that signal for approximately 15 minutes. At all other times, the AC will respond normally, and make cool air.


Opt out policy

With the exception of extreme energy emergencies, where rotating outages may occur, participants may login or call a SmartAC™ representative at 1-866-908-4916 and opt-out of an event for the day, without penalty. The AC will be returned to its previous operational setting.



Event season: SmartAC™ events occur between May 1 and October 31.

Event length: Events can last no more than 6 hours per day and for no more than 100 total hours per season.

Participation requirements

Residential customers may participate and must be on an applicable rate schedule. To find a rate schedule, download SmartAC™ Residential Tariff (PDF, 162 KB). SmartAC™ is a voluntary program. There is no cost to you, the customer, for participating and no penalty for not participating. 

Participants must have standard central air conditioners and/or heat pumps. Evaporative/Swamp coolers, window units and wall units may not participate. Air conditioning system(s) must be in suitable operating condition as determined by certified technician.

Customers on life support and/or medical baseline do not qualify to participate. 

You cannot be on another company's peak hours or direct bidding program(s). 

If you are a property owner, please enroll here. If you are a renter, you will need your landlord's authorization

By agreeing to terms of use you acknowledge you have read and understand the SmartAC™ program participation rules and agree to these terms.


Visit SmartAC™ program participation rules.