Use the PSPS planning map to help you prepare

To help you prepare for a potential Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), we’ve developed a map as a key planning resource. Use it to learn where a PSPS may be more likely to happen. View past PSPS outages in your area, as well as wildfire safety improvements that enhance electric grid safety and reduce wildfire risk.

How to use the map

Enter your address or the name of a county, city or tribe* in the search box on the map to see:

  • If that location may be more likely to experience a PSPS outage this year
  • The number of past PSPS outages per year at that location and the year-over-year change

*Information is available for incorporated cities or towns and for federally recognized tribes with land in trust. Tribal information was last updated in March 2021 and is subject to change. Past PSPS information is updated yearly, and currently reflects PSPS outages occurring in 2019 and 2020.

You can see our wildfire safety improvements around your community and other areas we serve on the map.


NOTE: Internet Explorer is not supported for this application.

Please note: The information in this map is not intended to determine the exact location of future PSPS outages. It is offered as a planning resource based on historical PSPS impact data and current system improvements.
Weather and ground conditions affecting a possible PSPS outage can change quickly and the actual impact of a future PSPS is uncertain. During an actual PSPS outage, we will provide active PSPS maps that you can access on our PSPS updates page.

Complete and planned wildfire safety improvements

The map displays completed and planned PG&E wildfire safety improvements through 2021, including:

  • Temporary microgrids use generators to keep the electricity on. These microgrids can safely provide electricity to areas that are safe to keep energized during a PSPS outage. Learn more about temporary microgrids.
  • System hardening includes strengthening the electric system with stronger poles, covered power lines and targeted undergrounding of electric lines to further reduce wildfire risks and better withstand severe weather. Learn more about system hardening.
  • Enhanced vegetation management addresses trees and other vegetation located near power lines that could cause a wildfire or power outage in high fire-threat areas. Learn more about enhanced vegetation management.
  • Sectionalizing devices separate the electric grid into smaller sections. This allows us to de-energize targeted areas to reduce wildfire risk and narrow the scope of PSPS outages.

Locations for all wildfire safety improvements shown are approximate. Work shown is as of May 2021. The status and location of planned work after this date are subject to change. This data is updated periodically and should not be referred to for monthly or quarterly planning changes. Conditions affecting a potential PSPS can vary greatly. The presence of one or more wildfire safety improvements in an area may not prevent this area from experiencing an actual PSPS outage.

Additional resources

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