Urgent Alert

Health & accessibility support

We provide support options for you and your family

Medical Baseline Program

Do you rely on power for certain medical needs? Get energy at the lowest price on your current rate and additional support.

Vulnerable Customer Status

Receive additional support if you rely on power for your health or safety. To qualify, you do not need to have specific medical needs. 

Disability Disaster Access and Resources (DDAR)

Get help creating an emergency plan, finding accessible car rides and more. 

Portable Battery Program

Power important devices during an outage.

Language and assistive resources

Get resources or alerts in your preferred language or format. 

Outage resources

We’re here to support you before, during and after outages

More on power outages

Get help preparing for power outages

We’re working to keep communities safe from wildfires. While effective, our efforts may cause power outages. 

Food, lodging and transportation

Find support during a PSPS. This could include hotel stays, meals or accessible rides.  

County-specific resources

Find information about services in your county, like local food banks or Meals on Wheels.