Urgent Alert

Medical and accessibility support

For those who rely on power for medical, health or safety needs.


Medical Baseline Program

Do you rely on power for certain medical needs? Get an additional monthly allotment of power at a lower cost or a discount based on your rate.

Vulnerable Customer Status

Receive additional support if you rely on power for your health or safety. To qualify, you do not need to have specific medical, health or safety needs.

Disability Disaster Access and Resources (DDAR)

Get help creating an emergency plan, applying for backup power and more.


Find local support during an outage. This may include meal replacements, car rides and hotels. 

Outage resources

Support is available to keep you safe before, during and after a power outage.

Language and assistive resources

Get resources or alerts in your preferred language. We also offer support in Braille, large print and audio. 

Public Safety Power Shutoff support

Additional resources are available for those with access and functional needs to stay safe during a Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS).

Explore additional PSPS support

Update your contact information

Stay safe and informed

Sign in to your account to update your phone number and email address. Watch our video above to learn why it’s important.


More on power outages

Wildfire Safety Progress Map

We’re working to keep communities safe from wildfires. Learn about wildfire safety work in your area and see which support programs you may qualify for.

Get help preparing for power outages

We’re working to keep communities safe from wildfires. While effective, our efforts may cause power outages.  

County-specific resources

Find information about services in your county, like local transportation or Meals on Wheels.