Scan our live map for electric outages or report an outage

On the PG&E Electric Outage Map, you can report an outage, view current outages, and even sign up for updates about a specific outage. The map is updated every 15 minutes with any new information.

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PLEASE NOTE: To find or report a gas outage, go to the PG&E gas outages and safety page.

Report an outage

Report an outage by:

  1. Entering your address in the search box on the outage map. If we are not aware of your outage, you will see the option to "Report outage."
  2. Selecting "REPORT OUTAGE" in the navigation and then entering your address in the "Outage address" box on the Report an outage page.

screenshot of address box

screenshot of no outage status

screenshot of report an outage

Find an outage

There are three ways to search for an outage:

  1. Enter your address in the search box.
  2. Select the "City/County Search" toggle and enter a city or county in the search box.
  3. Pan around the map.

Outages are shown by colors and shapes on the map. The colors and shapes indicate the size and area of the outage. Once you have found your outage, click on the outage icon to get the details.

screenshot of outage map

screenshot of outage status

If you'd like to get updates about a specific outage, go to the Outage Status box and select "Get Notifications." Let us know:

  • How you'd like to be contacted: text, email or phone call.
  • Where and when to reach you.

Then click "SUBMIT" and we'll send you updates as new information becomes available.

Visit outage map