Urgent Alert

Accessibility assistance and resources

Stay safe during a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)


Resources to help those with access and functional needs stay safe during a PSPS.

Stay safe and informed

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Food replacement

We partner with local organizations to help you access food options during and after a PSPS.

Hotel accommodations and discounts

Some hotels offer discounts during a PSPS.


Our county partners can help you find rides during a PSPS.

Community Resource Centers (CRCs)

During a PSPS, find basic supplies and use charging stations in a safe location.

Disability Disaster Access and Resources (DDAR)

Get help creating an emergency plan, finding accessible car rides and more.


During an outage, get local support. This may include food options and transportation or hotel support.

Vulnerable Customer Status

Receive additional support if you rely on power for your health or safety. To qualify, you do not need to have specific medical needs.

Medical Baseline Program

Do you rely on power for certain medical needs? Get energy at the lowest price on your current rate and additional support.

Language and assistive resources

Get resources or alerts in your preferred language. We also offer support in Braille, large print and audio format.

Backup power

To reduce the impact of outages, we offer backup power options.

Outage alerts

Receive text, email or phone updates about outages in PG&E's service area.

Food replacement

We partner with local organizations to help you access food options during and after a PSPS.


Local food banks  provide food replacement during a PSPS and up to three days after. Some food banks may have income restrictions, so please reach out to your local food bank for more information. Note: Food is available while supplies last.

Find a local food bank in your county


Meals on Wheels is a service that delivers meals to seniors enrolled in the program. Note: If you are already enrolled and experience a PSPS, you'll get an extra meal for each day of the outage.


Eligible seniors must be:

  • 60 years or older
  • The spouse of a person aged 60 or older
  • At risk of malnutrition
  • Unable to visit a Meals on Wheels center

Enroll in Meals on Wheels in your area

Hotel accommodations and discounts

As a PG&E customer, we want to ensure you have a safe place to stay during a PSPS. If you are impacted by a PSPS, you may be eligible for discounted lodging at certain hotels.


Vacancy is not guaranteed. Upon arrival, you may be asked to verify your status as a PG&E customer. Other terms and conditions may apply. PG&E is not affiliated with and is not responsible for hotel stays. PG&E is also not responsible for any charges, fees or reimbursements.

More outage resources

Community Wildfire Safety Program (CWSP)

Find out how we are making our system safer and more reliable.

County-specific resources

Find information about services in your county, like local food banks or Meals on Wheels.  

Safety Action Center

Find more ways to prepare for an emergency.