Enroll in SmartAC™

This page presents an overview of how to enroll, what to expect and ways to save. Answer a few simple questions to get started and begin saving.


Enroll in SMARTAC™

Ver sitio Web en espanol at Sepa por qué SmartAC™ es una forma fácil de recibir $50... y una forma fácil de ayuda a California.

Take advantage of a win-win opportunity

When you sign up for the PG&E SmartAC program, we install a free SmartAC device on your air conditioner (AC) and give you $50 for participating. In case of an energy shortage from May 1 - October 31, we send a signal to your SmartAC device directing your AC to run at a lower capacity. Understand how the program works.

Join today with simple and free sign up

Signing up is easy, costs nothing and pays you a reward. You also help prevent power interruptions when the electrical grid is typically under the most strain. Check your eligibility.

Sit back and relax

You stay comfortable and in control. The SmartAC device automatically does all the work. There is nothing you need to remember. If a SmartAC event is called at a time that’s inconvenient for you, you can easily return your AC to its normal settings. Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Ready to take advantage of a win-win opportunity? Sign up today.