Learn about SmartAC

SmartAC is a voluntary program that helps prevent power interruptions. Thousands of air conditioners running at once can put a strain on the grid, which can make it difficult and expensive to get power to everyone who needs it.

As a member of the SmartAC program, you'll help us make the grid more reliable for everyone by shifting some of your energy use out of the hours when it's most in demand. Together, we can work to prevent power interruptions while keeping you comfortable.

Enjoy the benefits

  • Financial incentive
  • Control over your comfort and participation
  • Help prevent summer power interruptions while staying comfortable

Pick one of two ways to participate

smart thermostat set to 72 degrees

SmartAC thermostats

  • Requires a compatible smart thermostat
  • Enroll with an existing smart thermostat and receive $75; or get $120 off a new smart thermostat
  • Get $25 each year for participating, through 2023
reduced cost theromstat

SmartAC switches

  • Requires a PG&E contractor to install a switch at your home
  • Get $50 for enrolling
  • Free troubleshooting for AC issues