Access the CARE program guidelines for nonprofit group living facilities

Group living facilities, homeless shelters, hospices and women's shelters may be eligible for the CARE Program. Apply to receive a monthly discount on your energy bills if your group living facility meets these program guidelines:

    • Group living facilities include these types:
      • Transitional housing, such as drug rehab centers or halfway houses 
      • Short- or long-term care facilities 
      • Group homes for the physically or mentally challenged 
      • Other nonprofit group living facilities

  • Homeless shelters, hospices and women's shelters must provide lodging as their primary function. They must be open for operation. The facilities must have at least six beds for a minimum of 180 days and/or nights per year.
  • Total gross income for all residents or clients (including family units) must meet current income guidelines. The income applies to individuals who occupy the facility at any time. On-site aid is excluded from this calculation.
  • Group living facilities must provide special-needs social services in addition to lodging. Examples include meals and rehabilitation.
  • Group facilities may have satellite facilities in the name of one licensed entity. These satellite facilities must meet the same requirements as the main facility.
  • Separate applications must be filed for each type of facility. This rule applies, even if the facilities are under one licensed organization. For example, an entity with a homeless shelter and a hospice facility must apply separately for each facility.
  • The organization that operates the facility must provide a copy of the 501(c)(3) document. This document certifies tax-exempt status.
  • All PG&E accounts must be listed in the name of the entity that holds the tax-exempt status.
  • 70 percent of the energy supplied to each PG&E account must be used for residential purposes. The purpose includes common use areas.
  • Facilities must notify PG&E if they no longer qualify for the CARE discount.

    The following facilities are not eligible for the CARE Program:

    • Nonprofit facilities that provide only social services 
    • Group living facilities that provide no service other than a place to live 
    • Government-owned or operated facilities 
    • Government-subsidized facilities that provide only lodging 

    Enroll in CARE

    Complete the following steps to enroll in CARE.

    2. Complete and Sign the application.
    3. Mail or fax the application and required documents to one of the following locations.

      Mailing address:
      CARE Program
      P. O. Box 7979
      San Francisco, CA 94120-7979
      Fax number: 1-877-302-7563

      You can also request an application by mail. Call the CARE program at

      1-866-743-2273 or send an email to

    Renew your CARE certification

    Organizations must renew every four years by completing a new application and attaching proof of the following items:

    • A copy of your currently valid Federal 501(c)(3) tax exemption document with the same name as the PG&E account(s).
    • A copy of your license to provide social service by the appropriate agency.
    • A complete list of your facility's PG&E accounts (See Section 5 of the application).

    PG&E sends a renewal application three months before the discount expires. Your organization can reapply for the CARE Program if it still qualifies under the current Program Guidelines.

    You can request a renewal application by mail. Call the CARE program at 1-866-743-2273 or email