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To qualify, a California-licensed physician must certify that a full-time resident in your home has one of the following medical issues:


  • Dependency on life-support equipment at home. For a list of equipment, visit Life-Support Equipment.
  • Paraplegic, hemiplegic or quadriplegic condition
  • Multiple sclerosis with special heating and/or cooling needs
  • Scleroderma with special heating needs
  • Life-threatening illness or compromised immune system, and special heating and/or cooling are needed to sustain life or prevent medical deterioration


PLEASE NOTE: Life-support equipment includes any medical device used to sustain life. Devices include equipment used for mobility, per a licensed doctor. Equipment is for home-use only. Equipment used for therapy generally does not qualify.


Notify PG&E if someone living full-time in your home is on life-support equipment. We’ll place a special code on your account. We use this code to notify you if service will be interrupted due to the following conditions:


  • Planned maintenance
  • Planned repairs
  • Planned interruptions
  • Rolling blackouts


We cannot provide advance notice of unscheduled interruptions, including:


  • Storms
  • Accidents
  • Vandalism
  • Equipment failure

Choose your Medical Baseline/Life Support contact

You can now provide your Medical Baseline/Life Support contact preference online. Visit Medical Baseline/Life Support Contact Preference. This information is important if there is a planned or unplanned outage. If you did not receive a letter, call us at 1-800-743-5000.

Un-enroll from Medical Baseline/Life Support

Opt out of the program. Call 800-743-5000 .