Understanding Electric Rule 24

Under Electric Rule 24, PG&E electricity customers can enroll in demand response programs offered by third-party Demand Response Providers (DRPs). Demand response programs, in general, are programs that provide customers with incentives to reduce their electricity consumption during times of peak demand. Rule 24 allows third-party DRPs to solicit PG&E customers to participate in their demand response programs and to then “bid in” the electricity reduction into the wholesale electricity market administered by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved Electric Rule 24 with the goal of promoting demand response participation in CAISO markets.

Direct your questions to the correct choice

Third-party entities, not PG&E, manage the demand response programs offered by third-party DRPs. Questions pertaining to particular demand response programs or services offered by third-party DRPs should be directed to the relevant DRP, not to PG&E. If you aren't sure which DRP to contact, please refer to the marketing and communication materials that you may have received from the DRP(s). Or, view the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)’s list of registered DRPs.

Access customer data

In order for a third-party entity to provide you with demand response service, you must first authorize PG&E to release your usage data and certain account information to the third-party DRP. There are two ways to authorize PG&E to share your personal electricity-related information with a DRP: (1) Use the online authorization process; or (2) complete the Customer Information Service Request-Demand Response Provider (CISR-DRP) form.

Online authorization process

  1. Start by selecting a link on your DRP’s website that will take you to PG&E’s Share My Data login page.
  2. Use the username and password for your PG&E online account to sign in.
  3. You’ll land on a screen identifying the DRP(s) requesting access to your data, the various categories of data to be shared, and the duration or timeframe of the data sharing that the DRP(s) requested.
  4. Select the electric service accounts for which you want to authorize PG&E to share your usage data and other account information with the DRP(s).
  5. Select the “Submit” button to complete the process. Your information will then be available for release to the designated DRP(s).

The image below is an example of the electronic authorization screen.

Share my Data


Instead of using the online process, you may complete and sign PG&E’s Customer Information Service Request-Demand Response Provider (CISR-DRP) form. The third-party DRP will submit the completed CISR-DRP form to PG&E, and once we validate and process the form, the requested customer information will be released to the third party DRP.

Find out about PG&E's role

PG&E’s role in implementing Rule 24 includes the following activities:

  • Processing authorization requests from customers via the online process or the CISR-DRP form, and releasing customer data to the designated DRPs.
  • Checking whether a customer is already participating in a PG&E demand response program. Under Rule 24, customers are not allowed to participate in a PG&E demand response program and a third-party DRP program during the same period.
  • Reprogramming your meter, if necessary, to reflect a shorter interval length so that the third-party DRP can include your service account in its wholesale electric market product.