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By using data collected from a SmartMeter™ device, you can help transform the current electric grid into a Smart Grid that is safe, more reliable and more efficient. SmartMeter™ is a device that connects your home to the electric grid, allowing you to view your energy use in detail.


Learn what SmartMeter™ does

SmartMeter™ connects your home in a two-way communication with the electric grid. This connection helps manage the demand on the grid and improve service and reliability. With a SmartMeter™, you can make smarter choices about your energy consumption and better control your monthly costs.

Learn more about your SmartMeter™ connection. Visit How SmartMeter™ Connects Us to the Smart Grid


Understand how SmartMeter™ works

The SmartMeter™ system collects electric and natural gas use data from your home or business. SmartMeter™ electric meters record residential electric use hourly and commercial electric use in 15-minute increments. SmartMeter™ natural gas modules attached to gas meters record gas use daily. This data is sent to PG&E periodically through a secure wireless network.

Learn more about how SmartMeter™ works. Visit SmartMeter™ Network – How It Works


For questions about how SmartMeter™ works, visit Understanding radio frequency (RF)


Discover SmartMeter™ benefits

  • With the SmartMeter™ system, you can check your hourly electric and daily gas use. You can easily find out exactly how much energy your home or business consumes daily, weekly and monthly. You can use this valuable information to make smarter energy choices. Get a detailed picture of your energy use. Visit Your Account


  • SmartMeter™ devices provide two-way communication between PG&E and the grid. This connection allows us to quickly identify outages and resolve other service problems, typically without visiting your home or business. Learn more about how this technology works. Visit SmartMeter and Meter-Connector Benefits


  • Track your energy use online, and view by month, day and hour. Visit Usage & Tools Overview


  • Get email, text message or phone notifications when your electric use becomes more costly. Visit Energy Alerts


  • Use Stream My Data device to help save energy and money by providing real-time electricity data through an energy monitoring device. Visit Stream My Data. Get information about validated Stream My Data devices at Validated Home area network (HAN) Devices