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Information for Home Area Network (HAN) device vendors

Information for device vendors

PG&E is using qualified third-party ZigBee laboratories for its validation testing. PG&E has enabled third-party ZigBee laboratories to validate that a device can successfully connect ("join") with PG&E's SmartMeter™ in order to provide device users with near real-time energy use. PG&E supports issues relating to device connectivity to the meter; however, PG&E does not validate or provide support for other device functionality. Customers must troubleshoot any functionality issues with the device vendor directly.


How to participate in Stream My Data device validation

Please submit your completed CA IOUs submission form, application and agreement (PDF, 426 KB) which includes the device submission form, application and agreement, to National Technical Systems (NTS) at PGEHan@NTS.com. Your submission will initiate participation the device validation process. Upon receipt, the qualified third-party ZigBee laboratory, National Technical Systems, will review the application on a first-come, first-served basis.


If the application meets all criteria outlined in the guide, National Technical Systems will provide instructions to the device vendor for shipping devices to its testing facilities. Once testing is complete, National Technical Systems will notify device vendors of device validation status (pass/fail).


PG&E hosts a list of validated devices. The list of validated devices is not comprehensive; other devices may be compatible on PG&E's network, and customers can attempt to register any ZigBee SEP1.0 or 1.1 device with their SmartMeter™. However, PG&E cannot provide any guarantee that devices not included on PG&E's list of validated devices are compatible. For more information, view our frequently asked questions.


important notice icon Note:

  • This process is designed to validate the usage data, price, and messaging, including net meters. PG&E will expand the Test Plan to include validation of DR event clus. This application is for PG&E validation only. Each California utility is responsible for separately evaluating applications for validation.
  • This application is for PG&E validation only. Each California utility is responsible for separately evaluating applications for validation.
  • No device or appliance will be accepted that has exposed electronic components.
  • In addition to the test cases contained in the CA IOUs submission form, application and agreement, PG&E's test plan includes test cases relating to messaging and net metering.


Additional Information on Device Validation Testing

PG&E SmartMeter™ devices are manufactured by GE and Landis+Gyr with an SSN SmartMeter™ NIC (Network Interface Card) installed. Each device will be tested against all combinations of meter hardware/firmware listed below. To be validated, a device must pass testing with all meters. Please note that these combinations may change as PG&E makes upgrades to its systems. Current firmware is 2.10.8.

Meter list as of November 2013

Only the version of device firmware that passed testing is considered a validated device. We publish the firmware version on our website.

The following list of HAN Devices have been tested and verified for connection to select models of PG&E’s SmartMeterTM by way of the Stream My Data function provided to all residential and small business customers.


PG&E only services cost data to these devices for the following enrolled tariff rates:

important notice icon Note: The list below does not represent any form of endorsement by PG&E of the manufacturer or the device.

  • Model: S 000-0908 C
  • Firmware Version:

The Aztech In-Home Display provides accurate, real-time electricity use information direct from your PG&E SmartMeter™. It shows you how much electricity you’re using, when you’re using it and how much it costs. Feature-rich and easy to use, the Aztech IHD enables you to monitor your whole home’s electricity usage. The IHD makes electricity consumption information available to even the youngest members of the household. Through its intuitive light arc technology, the color changes as your electricity rate changes; and the speed of the movement increases as your electricity use increases. The IHD also displays current electricity usage, Quick Reads, 24-hour and 28 historical usage, as well as detailed summary screens for each time period and tier price. The Aztech IHD gives you the information you need to take immediate action to reduce your use, understand electricity use at an appliance level, and develop an electricity conservation plan than fits your home.

important notice icon Note: The Aztech IHD supports net metering (solar). Not all utility companies support pricing for all customers.

Visit the Aztech Solar customer page for more information on purchasing the device and product support

  • Model: EMS Si
  • Firmware Version:

Ecobee’s EMS Si smart thermostat and web services provide a cost-effective way to monitor and control your building’s HVAC system and automate ancillary devices. Manage unlimited number of thermostats across various locations with multiple users all from a single web portal or smart phone app. The EMS Si thermostat also wirelessly communicates with PG&E SmartMeter™ to display electricity price and consumption information directly on the thermostat.

Visit the Ecobee customer page for more information on purchasing the device and product support

  • Model: BBSE
  • Firmware Version: 1.1-r0

Emberpulse manages your home energy usage and helps you to save money. The simple Pulse Light indicator tells you at-a-glance how you are progressing against your energy goals and how best to save money right now. Using the mobile apps or web site, view detailed data on your energy habits, check your bill forecast and receive personalized insights that help you save money. Emberpulse also enables home automation of appliances including air conditioners, lights and outlets.

Visit the Emberpulse customer page for more information on purchasing the device and product support

  • Model: RFA-Z109
  • Firmware Version:

See your whole-home energy usage in real-time through our mobile apps and web portal. EAGLE wirelessly connects to your PG&E SmartMeter™ and allows you to see your energy data from the screens you already have, wherever you are. The expandable platform adds new features each month to monitor and control your home and business from one unified app.


Get started in four easy steps:

  • Step 1: Plug into your Internet/WiFi router
  • Step 2: Plug it into a power outlet
  • Step 3: Register with PG&E
  • Step 4: Go to rainforestcloud.com and start saving!

Visit the Rainforest customer page for more information on purchasing the device and product support

  • Model: ISY994 ZS Series
  • Firmware Version: 4.2.30

This full energy management and automation platform series not only presents prices, costs, and energy consumption in real time, but the same information can be used to automate off-the-shelf devices such as thermostats, pool pumps, lighting, etc. Additionally, all devices can be monitored and controlled through your browser on any mobile device or computer. The 994 ZS Series is also OpenADR 2.0a and 2.0b certified.

Visit the Universal Device customer page for more information on purchasing the device and product support

  • Model number: HGQQMSD10.AUSH
  • Firmware version: f.20171204093011

Monitor your home’s energy production and usage in real time with the EnerVu web portal. EnerBox2, the LG NeON R ACe monitoring gateway, connects wirelessly to the PG&E SmartMeter™, allowing you to monitor your energy data—anytime, anywhere. The EnerBox2 is included in the LG NeON R ACe solution. No additional devices are required.

Install in two easy steps:

  • Step 1: Register your existing EnerBox2 products with PG&E.
  • Step 2: Visit LG Solar and select “Start connection.”

Visit the LG Electronic customer page for more information on purchasing the device and product support

  • Model: EMZGB-1
  • Firmware Version: Zigbee-313

The Emporia Vue Utility Connect energy monitor is a wireless HAN device that easily plugs into a standard 120V electrical outlet in your home near your ZigBee® Enabled AMI smart meter. The system protects your home’s health by helping you manage energy use and solar net metering while making your home more energy efficient through a simple iOS or Android app.


Purchase a device or visit the Emporia Energy customer page for more information and product support.

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