Learn about your meter choices

With PG&E, you can choose the type of meter that you want for your home. You can choose a SmartMeter™ or an analog meter. The following table compares both meters.


PLEASE NOTE: The analog meter comes with a monthly fee. The monthly fee ends after 36 consecutive months. Fees are set by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

SmartMeter™ Analog meter
Energy alerts



View your daily energy alerts



Outage detection



Setup charge


$75 or less

Monthly charge


$10 or less

If you qualify for financial assistance, the setup charge for an analog meter is $10 and the monthly charge is $5. Learn about financial assistance requirements. Visit Helping Customers Save Energy & Money.

Learn about SmartMeter™ benefits. Visit SmartMeter™ and Meter-Connector Benefits.

Opting out

You can opt out of SmartMeter™ participation with one of the following methods:

CPUC rules for SmartMeter™ opt-out fees

If you opt out, your monthly fees and meter readings are affected in the following ways.

  • Your monthly charges are discontinued after 36 consecutive months.
  • Your meter readings take place every other month, starting in 2015.

NOTE: The decision on opt-out rules was issued by the CPUC in December 2014.

Read the CPUC decision. Download Decision 14-12-078 December 18, 2014 (PDF, 980 KB).

Read the tariff and rate changes related to the decision by the CPUC. Download SUBJECT: Implementation of SmartMeter™ Opt Out Phase 2 Decision 14-12-078: Revise the SmartMeter™ Opt-Out Program Balancing Accounts, Electric and Gas Rate Schedules E-SOP and G-SOP, and Electric and Gas Rule 9 (PDF, 1.49 MB).