Discover SmartMeter™ benefits

With SmartMeter™-enabled tools, you can understand exactly how you use energy to help reduce and control your monthly bill. Continue reading to learn about the current and future benefits of SmartMeter™ and Meter-Connector, the next-generation SmartMeter™ device.

Currently, SmartMeter™ and Meter-Connector provide the following benefits:

  • More reliable service
  • More control
  • Energy-use alerts
  • More choice
  • Stream My Data options. Visit Stream My Data.
  • More privacy – The SmartMeter system enables us to read your meter, remotely providing an accurate reading that does not require us to step foot on your property.

Get more reliable service

SmartMeter™ and Meter-Connector provide communication between PG&E and the grid. This two-way communication allows us to quickly identify outages and resolve other service problems, typically without visiting your home or business. Learn more about how this technology works.

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More control

You can get an online, detailed history of your energy use and costs, up to the previous day. View your hourly electric and daily gas and electric consumption, and then compare your energy use to last week or even last year. You can use this valuable information to make smart energy choices. Get detailed information about your energy use.

general notification

Get alerts about your energy use

SmartMeter™ technology enables us to send you Energy Alerts. These messages notify you when your electric use becomes more costly. Use this information to help manage your energy use and reduce costs. Sign up for the alerts.

pricing options

More choice

Learn whether you can reduce your energy bills with optional rates that we base on the time of day you use energy. Get details about our pricing plan options.


Use Stream My Data to connect smart devices in your home

When you use your Stream My Data device, your SmartMeter™ connects to the smart devices in your home so that they can automatically respond to energy use from the grid. Learn more about Stream My Data.


Learn about an independent safety review

“There is no evidence that additional standards are needed to protect the public from smart meters.”
California Council on Science and Technology (CCST)
California Council on Science and Technology is a nonpartisan and not-for-profit corporation.
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