Data Access


The following prerequisites must be met before you can access our APIs:

  1. You must register to use the Share My Data platform before customers can authorize you to access their data.
    Register and Complete Testing
  2. You should have completed API Connectivity and OAuth Testing. If you have not yet completed testing, please see the testing instructions.
    Visit Testing Details
  3. If your User Type requires customer authorization to access data, please ensure that the customer has granted you authorization to access their data and that you have exchanged the authorization code for an access token. If you have not yet received customer authorization, please review the customer authorization process.
    Go to Authorization details


There are several ways to access customer-authorized data via API. Our latest APIs follow the current North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) Energy Service Provider Interface (ESPI) standard and provide access to Energy Usage Information (EUI) through a set of RESTful interfaces

Supported Function Blocks, APIs and Data Elements

Download Supported APIs (PDF, 224 KB)

The Supported APIs document shows the APIs supported by PG&E's implementation of Share My Data, as well as the PG&E specific API URL.

Download Supported Function Block Scope String Mapping (PDF, 237 KB)

The Supported Function Block Scope String Mapping document captures details on the scope string that is returned as part of responses to the Authorization Code Request, the Access Token Request, as well as the Authorization API as described in the Authorization Details Overview. The Scope parameter allows for communicating the final scope of customer authorization. In addition, this document lists which ESPI standard function blocks PG&E's Share My Data implementation supports.

Download Supported Relational Data Model (PG&E Implementation of ESPI) (PDF, 552 KB)

In conjunction with the Supported Data Elements document, the Supported Relational Data Model illustrates how the relationship between the different PG&E data elements is captured by the ESPI standard.

Download Supported Data Elements (PDF, 266 KB)

The Supported Data Elements document provides a mapping between the ESPI standard data elements and PG&E's data elements.

PG&E's implementation is compatible with the ESPI provided schema definitions found on GitHub. Specifically, our current implementation uses the following schema versions:

Download XSDs (ZIP, 50 KB)

Visit GitHub

Please reference the following sources on how to complete the signature for each API request and to test the API call against GBC's API Sandbox:

Visit the Green Button Document Library

Visit the Green Button API

Notification URI

During registration, you will need to provide a Notification URI so that our systems can notify you of any changes to your authorizations (e.g., customer cancellations), in the case of asynchronous data requests (for larger data sets only), and when your requested data is ready. Separately, if you would like to receive daily subscription notifications of the most recently available data plus any corrections for previous data from the last 24 hours, select the Notify me as data is ready checkbox in your registration. We will prepackage the latest day's data and notify you at your Notification URI to come back and retrieve the data.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not intend to retrieve data on daily basis, we ask you not to check the Notify me as data is ready option so as to reduce the amount of unnecessary data we process. You will still be able to make ad hoc requests for data.