Read a SmartMeter™

Learn how to read a SmartMeter™. Instructions are located on the SmartMeter™. First, determine the SmartMeter™ type. Then follow the instructions for the meter that matches your model.

Reading a Landis+Gyr SmartMeter™

The SmartMeter™ electric meter by Landis + Gyr uses a digital readout. The readout alternates between three displays:

  • The initial screen displays '888888…' indicating that the unit is functioning properly.
  • The next screen shows the total kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy usage. The five-digit number is cumulative and may include leading zeroes.
  • The final screen shows the current electric usage at the premises.

Reading a GE SmartMeter™

SmartMeter™ electric meter by GE uses a digital readout with one standard display:

  • The five-digit display showing the total kWh of energy used is located in the first line and is always on. This number is cumulative.
  • The next line after the kWh display gives the three-digit voltage level and three-digit current electric usage. The display alternates between the two, for example, displaying 240 Volts, then displaying .345 kilowatts for a few seconds.

PLEASE NOTE: A segment check may display momentarily in the first line, but it reverts to the standard display.

Read your Net Energy Metering (NEM) meter

Meters for solar and renewables are different. Electric Net Energy Metering (NEM) meters record the total net amount of electricity used or exported. The display shows an arrow indicating whether you are using or exporting energy.

Learn more about reading a NEM device. Visit Reading the Meters (NEM).