Discover what analog meters do

Gas and electric meters record the total amount of gas or electricity consumed, just as a car's odometer records mileage. Meters are highly accurate instruments. In fact, the PG&E accuracy record was measured and found to be correct more than 99 percent of the time.


You can check a meter’s accuracy by reading your own meter or accessing your meter data online. Visit your online account.


Learning to read analog meters

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Follow these easy steps to read an analog meter:

  • Read all the dials, except the testing dials on a gas meter, which have no numbers.
  • If the hand on any dial is between two numbers, read the smaller number.
  • If the hand appears directly on a number, and the hand to the right is on or just past zero, then read that number only. If the hand to the right is not on zero, read the smaller number.
  • To help PG&E track how much energy you use, please keep meters accessible and clear of obstruction.