Wildfire Wood Management Program

To restore power and help ensure public safety after a wildfire, PG&E may need to cut down potentially hazardous trees during emergency wildfire response efforts. Crews cut and spread, chip, or remove wood debris that is smaller than four inches in diameter. Wood larger than four inches in diameter is left on site because it remains the property of the landowner. We recognize that wood cut down for safety can be challenging for landowners to manage.

PG&E's Wildfire Wood Management Program helps landowners recover from the impacts of wildfire by offering to manage or haul wildfire wood. Landowners can opt into the program by completing the permission form. Our hope is that this will support landowners and communities as they focus on healing and rebuilding.

Download our wildfire wood removal management permission form (PDF, 158 KB)

Fire footprints included in PG&E's Wildfire Wood Management Program

PG&E's Wildfire Wood Management Program extends to footprints from wildfires that occurred in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Only wood felled by PG&E in response to a wildfire is eligible for management or hauling under this program.

2020 fire footprints where this work may occur include:

  • August Complex
  • Creek Fire
  • Glass Fire
  • LNU Lightning Complex
  • North Complex
  • Oak Fire
  • SCU Lightning Complex
  • Willow Fire
  • Zogg Fire
  • CZU Lightning Complex*

*Download our 2020 wildfire wood hauling CZU Lightning Complex Fire permission form (PDF, 144 KB)

2021 fire footprints where this work may occur include:

  • Cache Fire
  • Caldor Fire
  • Dixie Fire
  • Fawn Fire
  • Hopkins Fire
  • KNP Complex
  • McFarland Fire
  • Monument Fire
  • River Fire (Nevada County, Placer County)
  • River Fire (Mariposa County)
  • Salt Fire
  • Washington Fire

For information about 2022 wildfires, please call 1-800-687-5720 or email wildfirewoodmanagement@pge.com.

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For questions about PG&E's Wildfire Wood Management Program, contact 1-800-687-5720 or wildfirewoodmanagement@pge.com.