Adjust your energy usage and save or earn money

PG&E and contracted Third Parties offer programs for customers to save or earn money by adjusting energy usage. Participation also helps balance the electric grid without producing emissions.

What are my options for participating?

You can participate in just one energy incentive, energy reducing, peak hour or direct bidding program at a time. If you are currently on one of these programs you cannot enroll in another until you discontinue participation in your current program.

To learn more about participating in energy incentive programs with companies other than PG&E, visit Third-party incentive programs for demand response.

PG&E and contracted Third Parties currently offer the following programs:

ProviderProgram description

Get $50 and a free AC checkup. The program is free and helps prevent power interruptions.

SmartRate allows you to take control of your electric rate and help conserve California’s power grid when needed most. Sign up today, SmartRate is risk free and backed by our Bill Protection guarantee.

OhmConnect, Inc.
Save energy. Get paid. Join OhmConnect’s free service to receive weekly notifications to save energy and earn cash for your savings. Automate your participation with OhmConnect by connecting smart thermostats, plugs and electric vehicles.

Smart Thermostat Rebate

Take advantage of PG&E's smart thermostat rebates to help you participate in demand response programs. You may get up to $100 in rebates from PG&E if your thermostat is an EnergyStar certified model and you are on or join an energy incentive program.

Apply for the rebate

If you're unsure if a specific smart thermostat qualifies for a rebate or are still making a purchasing decision, visit the PG&E Marketplace to confirm which products are eligible.

Visit PG&E Marketplace

To learn about other ways to participate in demand response programs, visit the California Public Utilities Commission.