Budget your energy costs evenly throughout the year

Budget Billing averages out your monthly PG&E payment amounts to help you stay on budget year-round. It’s a free program for qualifying residential and small-business customers. Participation in the program requires that you pay the Total Amount Due each month, and that we receive your monthly payment by the Due Date.

Find out if you're eligible

To qualify for Budget Billing, you must have a history of on-time and complete bill payments. If you're part of a third-party program such as Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), you may qualify for the program, but electric generation charges will not be included in the Budget Billing Amount on your monthly bill.

Complete and submit your Budget Billing enrollment form

Fill in the following information and submit the form to enroll. Your application will be reviewed and if you qualify for the program it will take effect on your next billing cycle.

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Pay your monthly energy statement online with Paperless Billing

With Paperless Billing, you can view, pay and print your energy statement online. You can also set up automatic payments.
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PLEASE NOTE: PG&E accepts electronic payments from most Internet service providers and other bill payment companies. For details about online payments and fees, contact your financial institution or bill payment company.