What is the Community Choice Aggregation program?

Under the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, cities and counties may buy or generate electricity for residents and businesses within their communities. PG&E partners with each CCA in our service area to deliver the electricity through our transmission and distribution system. We also provide meter-reading, billing, maintenance and outage response services for the CCAs.

Opting out of a CCA program

Opting out of a CCA program

If a CCA is available in your area, you’ll be automatically enrolled as a customer of the CCA when you sign up for electric service. If you wish to opt out of the CCA program and have PG&E buy and/or generate your electricity, you must submit your opt-out request directly to the CCA. Find more information about opting out in our frequently asked questions.

Comparing rates and more

Comparing rates and more

We partner with CCAs to compare typical electric rates, average monthly charges and generation portfolio data. You’ll find rate comparisons between PG&E and CCAs in the Joint Rate Comparison documents provided for each CCA further down on this page, including the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) comparison. You’ll also find a comparison between the electricity generation portfolio for PG&E and each CCA in the Electric Power Mix documents for each CCA.

Compare information for your CCA
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Starting or stopping service

Contact PG&E to start or stop your electric service. We handle service requests for each of our CCA partners.

Start or stop service


Your monthly PG&E statement itemizes charges from both your CCA and PG&E. Review our annotated sample bill for explanations of the charges.

Download sample energy statement (PDF, 3.78 MB)

For even more detailed information about billing, visit frequently asked questions.

Rate plans

Rate plans

If you're a CCA customer and wish to change rate plans, you must contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000.

To learn more about rate plans, rate plan terms, pricing tiers and more, visit frequently asked questions.

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PG&E's non-generation rate

PG&E bills customers enrolled in a CCA program for electricity delivery (non-generation charges). Find our non-generation rates in the following files:

Download Non-Generation Residential Rates (PDF, 203 KB)

Download Non-Generation Business Rates (PDF, 332 KB)

CCA programs within PG&E's service area

The list below includes all active CCAs operating within the PG&E service territory in California. We've included contact information for each, plus rate and electricity generation comparisons between PG&E and each CCA. Note that CCAs provide electric service only. They don't provide gas service. If you receive gas service from a Core Transport Agent (CTA), visit CTA resources.

Information about PCIA

The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) is a charge to ensure that both PG&E customers and those who have left PG&E service to purchase electricity from other producers pay for the above market costs for electric generation resources that were procured by PG&E on their behalf. "Above market" refers to the difference between what the utility pays for electric generation and current market prices for the sale of those resources.

If you are a Bundled PG&E customer (buy and receive your electricity from PG&E; not a CCA) and would like to view the pricing of Power Charge Indifference Adjustment, you can select any of the twelve CCAs below to view the PCIA. After selecting any CCA, download the associated joint rate comparisons file.