Interact with us on our social media sites

PG&E social hosts pages on several social media sites. These pages include Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, Nextdoor® and Instagram®.

We use social media sites because we want to encourage a useful exchange of information. PG&E wants your opinion on our company and its programs and services.

Access PG&E social media policies

Practice being civil on social media

PG&E encourages feedback on our social media sites. We welcome all questions and comments, including criticism.
We encourage you to follow these tips when you post:

  • Provide feedback and ask questions in a civil and respectful manner.
  • Follow the Facebook posting guidelines. Do not make "personal attacks" or engage in other offensive behavior.

Learn how we moderate our social media pages

PG&E doesn't want to foster negative behavior. We can remove disruptive messages that violate PG&E guidelines. We can also ban you from a page or channel if your post is noncompliant.

Follow PG&E social media guidelines

We expect you to follow the Facebook guidelines for PG&E community participation. A PG&E moderator may also remove any posts or comments that:

  • Contain spam.
  • Contain solicitations or advertisements or non-PG&E marketing content.
  • Contain harassing, offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene, racist, sexist, discriminatory or hateful content.
  • Contain deceptive, misleading, potentially harmful or factually unsupported content.
  • Contain links not authorized and/or approved by PG&E.
  • Promote meetings, petitions, organizations or causes not officially sponsored or recognized by PG&E.
  • Contain information that is "off-topic" or unrelated to the original post made by either PG&E or a member of the community.
  • Contain private, personal or sensitive information about individuals (for example, account information).
  • Encourage illegal action.

Find an external link disclaimer

PG&E is not responsible for external sites posted by others. We can't edit the content on these pages. The opinions expressed on external websites do not represent the position of PG&E.

Avoid copyright infringement

All posted content must comply with copyright or other proprietary laws. You're responsible for any posts that infringe on copyright laws.