Working with PG&E on easement and property requests

Are you a large developer or a homeowner who needs assistance with a PG&E land-related issue? Our Land Department team can help with services related to PG&E easements or to PG&E-owned lands. The team can also assist with inquiries about working near PG&E facilities.

To view a full list of services or to request information, please select from the topics below.

Easement and property requests

  • Reporting issues on PG&E-owned property
  • PG&E easements
  • Quitclaim requests
  • Abandonment of public utility easements
  • Abandonment of road right of ways
  • Inquiries about PG&E facilities in conflict with development
  • Preliminary development and environmental plan reviews
  • Inquiries regarding cellular site leasing

PG&E lakes, reservoirs and watershed lands

Visit PG&E lakes, reservoirs and watershed lands

PG&E property sales

  • Current listings
  • Upcoming listings