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Mobile home park services

Bill calculation service for mobile home park owners

Bill calculation service for mobile home park owners

Create gas and electric bills for your tenants with the Bill Calculator.


Are you the owner of a mobile home park with PG&E-owned master meters?

You can sign up for Bill Calculation Service. To qualify, your mobile home facility must be served by a PG&E rate schedule beginning with the letters 'ET' or 'GT'.


Note: A small fee applies when using the Bill Calculation Service.



Service requirements

To participate in the Bill Calculation Service, you must:

  • Be a PG&E customer for a 12-month period
  • Be able to accurately read tenants' meter for usage information
  • Provide us with accurate usage information
  • Have a valid email address
  • Manage a park facility served by a PG&E rate schedule beginning with the letters 'ET' or 'GT'.


Service fee

This optional, fee-based service is available to you on a contractual basis. The service fee is $0.27 per bill calculation for each of your tenants.


After your registration, PG&E completes tenant bill calculations. We have them ready for delivery within two business days. We're also available to explain bill calculations to your tenants.


Bill calculation

The bill is calculated amounts based on the following information:

  • Your input of meter reads
  • Heat content of the gas delivered to your tenants
  • Location of your mobile home park
  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)-approved domestic tariffs



Benefits of the Bill Calculator

  • Freedom from calculating gas and electric bills for your tenants
  • Assurance of accurate tenant calculations based on your input
  • Applicable discounts or refunds for individual tenants calculated for you
  • Rate changes automatically applied to calculations
  • A secure website to input specific information about tenants' electric and/or gas billing data and receive the tenant-usage calculations

Frequently asked questions

You can submit the starting and ending meter reads for your tenants at any time, as long as your tenant billing period does not exceed 33 days.

The cost is $0.27 per tenant, whether we calculate a gas bill, an electric bill or both for the tenant. If you discover a mistake after you submit a request to calculate a bill, then you can correct the mistake and resubmit a new request at a cost of $0.27 for each tenant bill that we must recalculate. We’ll send you an invoice by mail for our services.

During your enrollment in the service, you must provide specific data about the location of your mobile home park, including the property address, baseline territory and elevation. Then, you input your tenants’ specific information, including whether they are all-electric customers, any medical baseline or low-income discounts and their meter readings. From this information, we calculate their bills using our E-1 or G-1 rate schedule.

The heat content of gas depends on the pressure at which we deliver it. The absolute pressure at which we deliver the gas depends on the altitude at which we supply it to your property. We need the altitude of your property to calculate your tenants' gas bills correctly. You can determine your elevation from topographic maps, county records or property deeds.


The mobile home park owner is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the data provided to us. This information includes, but is not limited to, meter reads, tenant end-use designations, property elevation, baseline territory code and tenant medical or low-income discounts. The mobile home park owner is also responsible for confirming that the tenant metering is accurate. After those items are verified, we’re responsible for answering tenant questions about rate schedules and how the bill is calculated. If no resolution follows this procedure, we inform the tenant that a complaint can be submitted to the Consumer Affairs Branch of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).


If you have questions, call us at 916-375-5094 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, or send us an email at MHP@pge.com.

We typically take two business days to return a tenant's bill to the owner.

Yes, the account number/meter number applies to the master meters at the mobile home park. If you have a master electric meter and a master gas meter on your premises, enter either the electric account/meter number pair or the gas account/meter number pair. You can enroll for gas and electric billing at the same time.

You must request two bills: one bill for zero to 33 days and one bill for 34 days to the end-read date.

PG&E provides the mobile home park owners with instructions on how to allocate refunds or credits to their sub-metered tenants. Mobile home park owners subscribing to PG&E Bill Calculation Service shall request and pay for PG&E to calculate applicable tenant refunds or credits resulting from California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) orders. Tenant refund or credit calculations must be performed manually outside of the PG&E billing system. The cost of providing manual refund and credit calculations is tracked separately and billed directly to the mobile home park owner selecting this additional service.

Yes, you are required to use this service for a minimum of 12 months.

Click the My Profile link. You can update your name, password, security question and the email address to which tenant bills are sent. Your updated information is effective on your next login to the Mobile Home Park Bill Calculation Service. 
Note: Updating your information as described previously does not change your customer service online (CSOL) login information. If you must change other information, such as the billing address where our service charges are sent, you must completely re-enroll in the service.

You have a maximum total of two hours to complete your session after you log in. If you work on a large billing request after you complete your enrollment, you can continue to add tenants up to the two-hour limit. If you approach the two-hour limit and aren’t finished with adding tenants, then log out, log back in and then resume your work. 
You have 60 minutes to input meter reads before you submit them. After 60 minutes, your session times out, and you could lose all the meter reads that you’ve entered. You can submit a partial list and continue with entries. If you submit duplicate reads, you receive two sets of bill calculations, but you don’t lose any data. 
If you submit meter reads as you approach the two-hour limit, submit what you’ve entered thus far, log out, log back in and then continue entering meter reads.

 To have a CARE case created, call customer service at 1-800-743-5000 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday or email CAREandFERA@pge.com.

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