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2023 CPE Local Resource Adequacy RFO

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Pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission ("CPUC") Decision ("D.") 20-06-002, the Central Procurement Entity Decision ("CPE Decision"), D. 20-12-006, the Local Capacity Requirement Reduction Compensation Mechanism Decision ("LCR RCM Decision") and D.22-03-034 (“RA OIR Phase 1 Decision”) (collectively, the “Decisions”), Pacific Gas and Electric Company ("PG&E") acting as the Central Procurement Entity in its distribution service area ("CPE" or "PG&E CPE") is issuing its 2023 CPE Local RA RFO (“RFO”) to obtain self-shown commitments for Local RA from participants ("Participants") on behalf of all CPUC-jurisdictional load serving entities ("CPUC LSEs") in PG&E's distribution service area for the 2024 RA compliance year and beyond.


PG&E CPE is procuring Local RA or obtaining self-shown commitments for Local RA in areas within PG&E’s distribution service area that are transmission-constrained (“Local Capacity Areas”). Per the Decisions, PG&E is required to procure local capacity or obtain self-shown commitments for local capacity to meet the 3-year forward multi-year Local RA requirement on behalf of all CPUC LSEs within its electric distribution service area.


In 2023 PG&E CPE is required to procure or obtain self-shown commitments for 100 percent of the CPUC’s 2024 Local RA requirements, 100 percent of the CPUC’s 2025 Local RA requirements, and 50 percent of the CPUC’s 2026 Local RA requirements in PG&E’s distribution service area.


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important notice icon Note: All deadlines occur at 5 p.m. Pacific Time ("PT"), unless otherwise noted.


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Additional documents and materials

All Participants will need to register with Power Advocate using the link below to gain access to submit a Non-Compensated Self-Shown Commitment or Competitive Offer into the RFO. Please note that there are three separate Power Advocate links for the RFO.


Ensure you register for the appropriate Power Advocate site:

For more information, download the PowerAdvocate Instructions (PDF).

PG&E CPE hosted a Participants' Webinar on Thursday, March 30th, 2023, from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PPT). The presentation of this event, along with the transcript and audio file, are available here.

Any updates to NQC values for resources committed via an attestation to the PG&E CPE during the 2022 CPE Local RA RFO process will be collected separately from the 2023 solicitation process.


Per OP 7 of CPUC D. 22-03-034, “A load-serving entity’s (LSE) self-shown commitment must be firm for Years 1 and 2. An LSE may replace its self-shown local resources for Year 3 with other local resources located in the same local capacity area and at least equal to the capacity of the local resources being replaced in the subsequent year’s Resource Adequacy showing.” Based on the compliance years sought in the 2022 PG&E CPE RFO, Years 1 and 2 were 2023-2024, and Year 3 was 2025.


Updates to previously executed attestations will not require a new signature and submittal through PowerAdvocate.


Please send questions or fully updated spreadsheets from previously submitted attestations to CPERAFilings@pge.com by August 1, 2023. Please be sure to highlight the changes and leave unchanged values unhighlighted.

important notice icon Note: The schedules above and documents associated with the RFO are subject to change at PG&E CPE’s sole discretion at any time and for any reason. PG&E CPE will endeavor to notify Participants of any changes to the RFO but shall not be liable for any costs or liability incurred by Participants or any other party due to a change or for failing to provide notice or acceptable notice of any change.

Contact information

To ensure the accuracy and consistency of information provided to all Participants, PG&E CPE encourages Participants to submit any inquiries via e-mail to CPESolicitations@pge.com and CC the Independent Examiner ("IE"), Merrimack Energy Group, Inc., at merrimackIE@merrimackenergy.com. With respect to a matter of general interest raised by any Participant, PG&E CPE may, without reference to the inquiring Participant, post the question and PG&E CPE's response on PG&E's website. PG&E CPE will attempt to respond to all inquiries but may decline to respond to any particular inquiry.


All correspondence will be monitored by the IE, who was selected to oversee this RFO. The IE is an independent, third-party evaluator who is required by the CPUC to monitor and evaluate the CPE’s RFO process as well as the contract execution process.


To receive notices about this RFO and to be added to PG&E's CPE RFO Distribution List, visit CPE Distribution List Form.


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If you encounter any digital or disability access issues, or you would like to provide PG&E with feedback or suggestions regarding such access, please e-mail our team at solicitationaccessibility@pge.com.  This mailbox is monitored during regular business hours (M-F; 8am-5pm).  We will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

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